A little guidance

Yes, the gable sections are measured along the bottom chord and not down the rake, however, you were adding the entire “clipped gable” as non-hip. Only the raked portion of the clipped gable is counted as non-hip, not the horizontal roof line. If you take the course again, you will see what I mean. I do hope they update that course soon though.

I’ll burn my clients house down…:roll: :roll: :roll:

If you tell people what to expect, then either meet that or exceed it, you will not have a problem getting paid…at least I never have.

You care about the money. I care about the job and the money will follow…it always and I suspect, it always will. :cool:

The other terminology for the “clipped gable” being Jerkinhead. I concur with the measurement against the non-hip geometry being areas not on the horizontal run. Strangely, the form is consistently being massaged to prevent discounts. In Bill York training many years back, the flat roof did not count against non-hip geometry but of course now is considered against the non-hip area thereby essentially removing any hip credit a pre-90’s home with an attached porch may have received previously. But, great discussion guys. With reference to wind mitigations from the wild and wholly days (05-08); I constantly saw fraudulent wind mitigations performed. It is THE reason photo proof was required in later versions of the form. Prepping the client ahead of time is crucial. When offered to review previous wind mits on a property; I decline and advise that I need my wind mitigation to stand upon its own merits. Generally, people will respect that; though in full disclosure, we rarely do stand alone wind mitigations as they are generally packaged with other services.

I always review the past ones so my clients are not caught off guard by what my report says. You may wish to reconsider your methods to help your clients. Also sometimes they are planning to leave their current insurance companies and when I tell them their old report is better than mine for them they appreciate the info before they make a costly mistake. Just my 2 cents.

If they have the old one, I ask to review it so I can tell them if anything is going to change.

Sometimes, as in a case recently, it was for the better and the previous report was accurate.

Are you actually advising them to submit their valid/old WM and not yours ??

No, I am advising them to stay with their current company especially if they are getting discounts they do not deserve. I would rather they know in advance if my accurate report was going to hurt them so they can make their own moral decision. They insurance companies are pure scum and I advice my clients on what is best for them. I see the insurance companies screwing people on a daily basis and I always provide an accurate report and advise them to the best of my knowledge. Is that clear enough for ya???

Well it certainly makes for a feel good story, but I’m sure highly unlikely. Why would anyone holding a valid WM want to pay for another one in the first place ?

I mean obviously adding 3rd nails, roof, etc but then you wouldn’t advise them to keep the old WM…

Really? I guess you are just showing your experience…

Any time anyone wants to CHANGE insurance companies they are always TOLD to get a mit on the newest form…Not always good to leave where they are.

Hope I learned ya something…For your clients sake. Do not bother quoting what is on the bottom of the form because it does NOT matter in the real world.

By the way I don’t do feel good stories. I do what few do here truth stories…

See the difference between me and just about all else here is I do not care what anyone thinks, I admit when I am wrong and I ask questions when I am not sure or tell clients I will look into it further.

Mikey Mikey, I said VALID WM’s. And FYI, I personally completed over 1,200 Certificates last year. Anybody that knows me knows that. You are not teaching me squat, BUT, you are entertaining… :|.)

I expected no less in your comment. You are among the majority. No sweat keep doing what you do :slight_smile: Like I said I really do not care I just call em like I see em. I wish you the best of luck.

I did do an update at the Orlando conference.


If a homeowner has wind insurance based on an inaccurate wind mitigation form (Not the insurance companies inspector)…let’s say…no clips of any kind and the report says clips are present…

And there is a storm and associated damage…let’s say …roof blew off…

Would the insurance company have grounds to disallow coverage?

I spoke with a representative from citizens insurance about this very scenario. He stated that they are not in the habit of denying claims for such things. Under certain circumstances, they may go after whoever did the work.

If it was a case of blatant fraud, whoever filled out the form may have bigger problems.

Every claim will be handled based on the facts of the case. Most would not be denied, the payout may be reduced though.