A little help please

Hey, I need a little help identifying my plumbing fixture. I need to rebuild it and don’t know what brand it is. The home was built in the late 50’s. Thanks in advance.




I expect if you where to take these taps apart ( Shut The water of first ) and go into a good plumbing supply shop they will be able to supply all new parts to upgrade the system .
Print of a couple of sets of pictures full size for them to see.
This should get you pointed in the right direction .
Good Luck PS use lots of penetrating oil
Roy Cooke … Royshomeinspection.com

On my house I found that it was far less expensive to replace the fixtures with new rather than replace the valve stems, seats & screws. The valve stems alone, when I was able to find the correct ones, were around $40.00 each. I could get a new fixture for well under $120.00 at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Yes you are correct but did you not have to do some tile work after the new taps .
If the tile is fine then why destroy it .
Roy Cooke

No, I did not have to do anything inside the bathtub area at all. Most bath/shower mixers are a standard hole spacing. All the work I needed to do was done from the access panel in the closet behind the shower wall. I only had to cut the four copper lines, clean them up and sweat on the new mixer with some extensions added. It took me all of about an hour. I also noticed that there were no shut-off valves to my bathtub so I had to turn off the water at the main.

I have done a lot of these when I did handyman work. I have rarely had to do any tile work in the tub or shower unless I was changing the mixer to a different configuration. eg.: 3 handle to a single handle, etc.