A Little Help

Hello everyone,

I’ve only had my Facebook group page for a couple months now, but I’m looking for a boost on my likes. If you have a spare moment and can hit the like button I’d appreciate it a lot. I would also get you back of course. If you could help a fellow brother out that’d be great!

Thanks guys, stay safe :slight_smile:

It’ll only take a minute! :slight_smile:

Liked… How did you get so many? Have you Vann asking clients? I only have 1/3 of what you got! Good job!

I hear ya.

I pester my friends on my personal account to share the link. Most people ignore it, that’s why I’m asking my NACHI brothers for a little boost!


Well like mine if you wouldn’t mind as well please good people of nachi!

[http:// facebook.com/360Inspections](http:// facebook.com/360Inspections)

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The FB link is a no go, that’s a great looking website.

Tried to like it but there was no like button

Nate, explain. What group page have you ever went through to find the those who liked it? Who cares. It’s a numbers game. I’m trying to accomplish a higher “like” number. Thats all. Cut & Dry brother.

I know you’re busy but I’ve emailed you and contacted your company via website with no response twice this week.

For what it’s worth, I have friends in several trades who have other companies of the same trade who like or friend their business page. For me, as a consumer, it shows that they are connected with their trade community and most likely learn from others that do the same work they do. Kinda like this Forum. What’s the negative side of being connected?

Hi Stephan,

I’ve added a like for you page.

Thanks for the reciprocal like:

Got ya back brother

Why are you trying to get other inspectors to like your page? They are not your target audience. I have deleted all inspectors who have liked my page, no offense :slight_smile: but you are not who I am trying to market to.

Just for that Troy, I’m gunna like your page and re-like it forever. :wink:

I do that all the time. Many who are savvy with Facebook marketing do. I also categorize likes too. That way I can control who I post to.