A little on the alternative (yurt) side of things....

Well, since we’ve had these three other great threads, I thought I’d add a bit from today’s yurt rasing we did on my neighbor’s property today.

For those that don’t know Yurts were origionally from Asia and are a fabric lined round building. His is 30’ wide and is a fairly permanent structure. His came with a 15 year guarantee on the roof, etc. They are now used quite a bit in remote living in the rocky mountains. Both as permanent structures and as vacation places. There is a chain of them that you can hike to in the southwest corner of colorado for example.

We had built the deck over the past few weekends, adding about 5’ on each side of deck to the flooring of the yurt. We also had the center ring ready as well as having the wall lattice standing.

About ten neighbors turned up to help, and another crew of four or five will be turning up to finish up the job tomorrow, which is basically a mop up operation because we were able to get most of it installed today. The only real step left to do is put the center dome window in and plumb the door.

Here are the photos.

Hope you enjoy!

Damn Hippies and their commune tents.
Just kidding, good pics Brian

Very cool, Brian
Never seen one before, very interesting. Dosen’t look like it took to much time to put together with enough hands to help.


At least ya got the front door facing east like it oughta!

What kind of beer is that in those red cans.

Did you know that beer rehydrates ya better than water.

No kidding. Scientific study and everything!!


Tecate and Corona filled the coolers today. Both seemed to rehydrate well.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

That’s pretty cool! What do all the material costs add up to?

Wasn’t my project, so I’m not sure of all of them. The deck was about 40’ diameter. I’m sure as a woodworker he got the wood for something less then retail. The yurt kit itself was 30’ around, and I think retails for around $15k with the extra insulation, etc. I’d guess it was something less then $20k.

Certainly not the cheapest way to go for the space, but it’s one of the fastest ways to go. And from the folks I know who live in them, they are very happy with them.

I thought they called that a Tepee. :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

What does land sell for in that area in the mountains? Is it for sale 1 or 2 acres or 20, 50, or more?


I’m one of the damn Hippies R. E. Elliot refered to and find this of great intrest. If you have time please post more info and pix on the completed project.

Methods of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC or other heat source(s) would be of great value if they were part of this project.

The roof and wall insulation is rated at R-12 and is about 1/4" thick.

Don’t believe all you hear and read from manufacturer/vendors. That looks like foil-faced bubblepack and may have an R3-5 in actual use where the foil is touching other fabrics thus losing its reflective R’s that would be found in a lab determination of insulation value when nothing touched any foil surfaces.

Great post, very interesting as well. Please post more pictures when you can.

They will be installing a wood stove for heat, don’t expect to use anything for cooling other then opening up some windows when the sun goes down and letting the hot air out the hole in the middle.

Plumbing and electric will probably not happen for a while, they are going to start by using the 5th wheel they are moving out of for the bathroom, kitchen, etc. The deck is above ground, and the plan is to run the wires up thru the deck when they have some of the inside layout finalized more. If they need plumbing, they will do that as well.

Next spring I expect them to start on a stick frame house next to the south edge of the deck which will more then double their space. Then they will be able to get rid of the 5th wheel.

I’ll see if I can get a few more photos when I stop in today.

Land here is fairly reasonable, 5 acre minimum in most of the county, but there are a few subdivisions with 1 or 2 acre lots. In my subdivision, 5 or 10s are all that is left, I got the last 20 acre piece 4 years ago. I think the 5 acre spots are going for about 100k, 10s for about 120k. That’s with electric and phone on or close to site. Septic and well usually add about 10k each. Most of my neighbors have horses.

Some photos from a recent trip north of my house. Were a little behind our northern neighbors, and the colors aren’t quite as spectacular, but I’ll take the 70+ sunny days we’ve been having for the past six weeks over whatever it is up there right now:mrgreen::mrgreen: I spent too many winters in SW MI with Lake Michigan snow effect to ever want to do that again…

– bz

Those are very nice pictures and looks like Cowboy country.

That sure is a different type of house. ha. ha. Reminds of of teepee’s with an open center.

Thanks for the pictures, sure is nice country down there. 38 degrees here. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: