A little on the residential side of things

Thanks Larry, stay tuned this is going to be interesting.

Robert, no ashame from anyone here, you had started a good thing and gave me the idea to continue.

See what you started! ha. ha.

Peter and Alan have joined the educational team. Very interesting post and happy to participate with them.
We all learn sharing various means and methods so our Inspectional skills will get better at identifying various problems.

I hope this sharing of expertise will continue.

I thank all of them for that.

Robert; we would be delighted for you to continue sharing with us what honestly was a great show and tell of the goings on in your area.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Bob, that’s OK, I know how hard it is to keep up with things, I have yet to update my web site with this project.

That suspended roof is amazing isn’t it, this house was built in the 40s and all the rafters where nailed with 20 penny spikes, let me tell you, what a
b*%tch it was to demo but it shows how strong houses where built back then. OH, the three layers of shingles may have helped a bit!!!

So as I posted earlier, I helped the guys stand the gable end walls and left to go to the office to write a report for yesterdays inspection and told them I’d be back later. Well this is what I saw when I came back.

My guys are awesome, I guess they’ll deserve lunch on Friday again.

Tomorrow I have to be in Portland at 8:30 to inspect a 500 unit apartment complex ( maintenance inspection for the bank ) then back to the job site, write the report for the bank, pick up radon canisters at 4pm and if I have time I need to sign a contract to build a 35 foot handicap ramp on a commercial building.

I’ll keep posting pictures as we make progress, we hope to have the roof shingled before the heavey rain come’s in on Friday!

Good going Peter.

Your guys called me up and said they expected tenderloin steaks and corn on the cob and plenty of cold ones. ha. ha. :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Yup, better give it to them…that’s good progress for three guys. :smiley:

Nice job Pete and not a moment to soon. Although tomorrow may not be too bad (so far) it’s tomorrow night into Friday we’re suppose to get hit with the rains. Yeah know, the weather people never been wrong before:shock::shock:!!!

Tell the guys for me…I’m impressed, they really humped ***.


Here’s the plan for tomorrow, have the roof in the back covered with ice and water shield, the roof out front shingled.

Water tight shell by the end of the day… I hope.

Peter, don’t you just hate a roof that is 32’ 6" long. ha. ha.

Make sure you have enough sq. footage. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s not great for building but I like the extra square feet for pricing the job out!!

Today we tried to get it water tight but the shingles didn’t come till noon.

We did get the back roof water tight with ice and water shield and the 1/3 of the shingles on the front. Rain for most of the day tomorrow so we’ll work inside on the parting walls and strapping. Hope to finish the roof this weekend if the rain stops.

We now have a weather tight shell and the interior parting walls are in place.

We are moving off the job to allow the site contractor, electrician and well driller to come in. We will be putting in foundation drains, sealing the exterior concrete wall, installing the utilities underground and a new well.

We are moving to a roof job which I got through the community action program, (we do a lot of work for these people ) It appears someone at some point installed two skylights in the roof and possible cut the trusses to due so, it’s a modular home. We will strip the roof down to the deck, replace the skylights, repair the trusses, repair the ceilings and install a new roof.

I’ll post pictures of that job as well.

Nice Peter

I think you forgot to take down your roofing brackets and call the Mason to extend the chimney. :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

I left the roof brackets there for the mason who I just found out had to leave the state unexpectedly, seems there was an emergency down south that needed his attention asap, of course he forgot to tell anyone, ( even his wife and kids ) :twisted:

Good thing I have a back up mason, he’s coming out tomorrow to look at the job.

One good thing came about today, I talked to the bank about my 1st draw and they said they would send the appraiser out for the inspection so I felt I should do a little marketing for the HI business and the construction loan manager wants to talk to me about doing draw inspections for them directly with no middleman. Didn’t take me long to say " what day next week works for you ".

Just yanking your chain Peter, I knew you had it under control.
Good luck with that new avenue.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks Marcel, as you know this is one messed up crazy business.

I always say " If your going to be successful in construction, you need to be able to deal with adversity on a daily basis "

The site work is now underway with the trench for the utilities and piping in place and the foundation drains going in.

Things went well today and I have the building inspector coming in the morning to inspect the utilities as well as the bank inspector for my first draw.

I have sent the guys to do the roof I spoke of and will post pictures, someone installed skylights in this roof and did not flash them. I think they will show some good examples of roof damage done by negligence.

Looks like your doing pretty good progress.

Something that caught my eye and do not take it offensively,

The last time I saw a new installation like this for an underground service, the power and tel/phone/data was 12" apart and the warning tape 18" above the power conduits which obviously is not installed yet.

Also, something to watch for is the slip meter riser requirement and two 8’ ground rod requirement.

To pass the PUD inspection, I believe these are all requirements.

But, what do I no, I’m a carpenter. ha. ha.
Just food for thought, for what I have seen in this area.

Most likely does not apply in all PUD jurisdictions. I don’t know.

Nice job on your progress in a short time.

Keep those progress pictures coming, I like those.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Hi Marcel, no offence taken at all and I appreciate your input.

I will ask my electrician tomorrow but the local inspector came out after I left and said it’s OK bury it.

I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a update on our project.

The first and third pictures are the finishing touches on the site work after the foundation drains have been installed, the second shows the well casing, we hit bedrock at 28 feet and drilled to 440 feet and got 1.5 gallons per minute, I will test the water when we have flushed it out over a period of time.

The last two pictures are of the chimney extension and the rough staircase leading from the first floor to the second.

Plumbing and electrical rough are next, then inspection, then insulation, then drywall.