A little TIRE Humor

Hello fellow inspectors and happy Monday-
Ran across a good one this weekend during an inspection. Yep, this is a tire, wrapped around the bottom of a relatively-new water heater.

I have no specific reason for posting this other than to invite snide remarks and creative guesses. But if perhaps anyone on here can think of a good reason that an ‘installer’ would do such a thing, I’m all ears…

Have fun boys and girls… I’ll start: I know, we’re in Arkansas and the tires are supposed to be spread out on top of the double-wide, right?!?


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Anyone see the spare tire for the boat trailer?

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In case of vibration during an earthquake??? :grinning:

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Not that it matters, but it isn’t wrapped around the appliance.
It may be wrapped around whatever is supporting the tank.

Hey fair enough… It’s a rubber foot…

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I’ll assume it’s in the garage and they needed a little extra lift to meet the required 18" off the floor ( if gas fueled that is…)?

Good thought sir, and that was the 1st thing I checked for. The platform was just under 19" from the floor…

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I hope my attempt at humor didn’t go unnoticed…“lift” , “gas”…:slight_smile:

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Maybe it’ll help from getting bumped into.

What a waste of perfectly good tire. There’s still plenty of tread on that thing!

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If the heater was not so new looking, I would think it was just TIRED. Write it up as may be needing rest.

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