A lot of Gil Strachans

There sure are a lot of Gil Strachans in here. I left NACHI two years ago, and you are still gossiping and fiddling around. Unbelievable.

If Roy and Raymond have some documents or other proof of wrongdoing, on anyone’s part including Cam Allen, Wayne Fulton or anyone else, then they should produce them or be quiet about it.

Gil Strachan
Trenton, Ontario

And the beat goes on, the beat goes on.

Is this the real Gil?

Different user, same sh*t :slight_smile:

Gil Strachan
Trenton, Ontario

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And this proves what?

user: gilstrachan used to have Raymond’s picture for the avatar until I took control of the account:)

Nothing, whatever… I just thought there was a lot of Gil Strachans in here.

Wand and Cooke should stop issuing unfounded accusations. Or do you think that’s ok? Maybe you don’t really mind if what they say is true or not, as long as none of it interferes with your own agenda, or what?

They prattle on and on, and never produce anything of any substance, simply because there isn’t anything.

They had they’re own little pissing contest going with Dave Bottoms, because both of them screwed up at OAHI. And then when Cam and I refused to play their game two years ago, they dragged our names into their story-telling effort. They’ll say anything to cover their own tracks, and to try to raise doubts about anyone who questions their sincerity or their motives.

Good little buddies for the janitor.

Good now you are talking to yourself.

I am still waiting for you to provide the contract you signed with the publisher. All you ever posted was an agreement of understanding, no signatures.

Why don’t you explain how you and Cam have screwed people around out in your area. Those you feel are to competitive or chipping away at your business, or how you padded your costs to Nachi.

You are not happy unless your ego is quenched with your egotiscal needs. You really are full of yourself. You made your bed, so sleep in it.

Everyone knows you are in control of the “gilstrachan” account, along with bugmenot, d.bottoms, and others. You’re fooling absolutely no one here, Ray.

Still waiting for you to stand up like a man and set up a face to face meet with these guys to settle your differences. Oh ya, your a coward, I forgot.

Raymond E. Wand and his little sweety Roy D. Cooke Sr have no credibility. Don’t listen to a word they tell you.


So says you, but who is going to believe a person who continually threatens and is posting under an assumed name Dave and or Gil.

Well you did make the threats, and now you seem to be a coward. You know where I live, but now you want me to come to you. Thats funny. I guess you are really a coward.

We also have your IP addresses.

Funny, can you come up with something of substance. Who have you ripped off lately?

Sissy, it doesn’t bother me that you need to think I’m someone I’m not. It also doesn’t bother me that you have an IP address that you think is mine. I’m smarter than that. My real IP address doesn’t register on the internet. Nice try, though. :wink:

I asked you a question, bed wetter: Why don’t you settle your differences with Bottoms and Strachan face to face like a man? You keep trying to skirt aournd answering, but we all already know the answer: YOUR A COWARD WHO HIDES BEHIND HIS INTERNET CONNECTION! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

What a f-cking big baby. :roll::roll::roll: :lol:

Norm :wink:


Thanks for the entertainment although not witty or enlightening or clever you must be given credit for trying!

Raymond E. Wand and Roy D. Cooke Sr = Noe credibility, zero. \:D/:lol::lol::lol:


Raymond E. Wand & Roy D. Cooke Sr = No credibility, zero. \:D/:lol::lol::lol:

Norm or whoever you think I am today. :wink:


Funny! thanks for the laughs, although juvenile.

Yep, that’s right. Ray Wand and Roy Kooke = No credibility, zero. \:D/:lol::lol::lol:

Norm or whoever you think I am today. :lol:](http://www.nachi.org/forum/editpost.php?do=editpost&p=115933)

Funny! You are hilarious. But really can you post something of substance your material is stale!

OK, how about this, since you are not really paying attention on any of the other threads.

Gromicko took advantage of those people’s good will, and screwed them out of payment for product delivered.

*There was immediate contact between Nick Gromicko and both ad companies. I had nothing to do with any of it, other than making the original suggestion, which was to place a NACHI banner in each folder at half-price and obtain a discount for members’ ads placed in the same presentation folders. It was a good deal. *

*And it was conceived, because Gromicko was asking Canadian NACHI members to watch out for advertising opportunities for NACHI in Canada. We said “How about this?” and he said “Cool! Go for it.” The ad companies sent him samples/proofs, and he gave them the go ahead. This culminated in Nick taking thousands of dollars of advertising and not paying for it. *

*I guess they were silly enough to produce without a signature. They thought they could trust the honesty and integrity of the director of the association for the “best home inspectors in the world.” Wrong. Nick Gromicko siezed the opportunity to get something for nothing. *

But Gromicko did post samples on this board, and continue to accept the product for a long time before he finally admitted to welching on the payment. But he didn’t openly welch. He lied again, and claimed he never authorized the ad campaign. And then Gromicko deleted the posts and the webpage where he bragged up the folder ads. Evidence destroyed.

The ad companies were phoning me, looking for payment, because they had no other contact after Gromicko went back into hiding. That’s when he fed you guys the misinformation which started all this bickering two years ago… that and our refusal to treat Dave Bottoms any differently than anyone else.

That’s when Roy Cooke lied to you, about us.

Gromicko is laughing his head off, because he got lots of free advertising, and left us bickering among ourselves which takes the attention and heat off him.

So go suck an egg Raymond, because I don’t care anymore. I’m out of NACHI and you’re still there, wasting your time and unfortunate enough to have a liar like Cooke pretending to be your friend.

Raymond …(the entire universe in between)…Credibility.


Norm or whoever you want to call me today. :wink:

I came across some of this when digging through the archives. Your story is consistant to the events as they were recorded at the time. Ray’s and Roy’s reinvention of history, not so much.

Norm or whoever Ray wants to call me today. :roll:

Hey Dave,

Hows your credit rating?

What’s that got to do with anything?

No comment on the topic at hand? Or do you even remember what we were talking about? I’ll refresh your memory… you accused me of some contractual hanky-panky, and I told you for the umpteenth time that Gromicko took advertising product without paying for it; and Roy Cooke lies to you, just like he does to everyone else.

And Gromicko laughs all the way to the bank.

Don’t be such a rube.