A major national inspection company adopts Move In Certified.


are they NACHI members


Some of them are not members





The few that aren’t will have to go broke looking for buyers in this market I guess. It must suck to be a non-member :cool: .

There isn’t any in Illinois, so I guess they won’t hurt our business. :smiley:

24 franchisees in 16 states. Is that really a major national inspection company? How does that compare to some of the other franchises?

It’s not a franchise.

But even if it was, I can only think of 6 franchises that are larger.

OK then, 24 inspectors affiliated with a company in 16 states. Still sounds like a stretch to consider 24 inspectors in the whole country as a major anything, but heck, whatever floats your boat. :slight_smile:

OK, I understand better now, here’s the explanation from their website:
***No experience is necessary. **We are the affordable, viable option in the home inspection business between purchasing an expensive franchise and going it alone. The typical home inspector franchise fees are $25,000 to $45,000 plus ongoing royalties of 6 – 12% of revenue. The Pro-Sight Affiliate Membership offers the many franchise advantages for less than half the cost. *

About 95% of all inspection firms have only 1 inspector, so they are in the top 5% in terms of size (at least).

USInspect at one time was the largest with about 190 inspectors but they recently pulled out of the residential inspection market and are now a commercial firm.

24 inspectors in 16 states with their own in-house reporting software is a major player (for our industry).


another one for you Nick