A marketing tip for those of you who post testimonials on your website...

If you’ve had a really good rapport with a client on an inspection… consider asking for permission to take and use actual photos of your clients. You can place a few of these above each of their testimonials. This will give the testimonial credence. Make sure your client is smiling in the pic.

Good idea! I have recently also had a client suggest a survey with a place for testamonilas. Still figuring out the mechanics of getting it out and making it easy to use for the client. I dont know to send a form to fill in to him’her as the easier it is to do the more likely you will get them back. I think its a good idea, to take it all in, for continuous improvement.

Any thought os sending out a survey? Can of worms? Good tool to learm from? ideas on ease of use?

Hi, Mike –

Please check out InterNACHI’s Client Satisfaction Survey. You can download it and include it with your inspection report packet, or you can send it to your past clients with a pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope to encourage them to mail it back to you.

Good points Nick as evidenced in my HIP Website Customer Comments page.
You can see my pics w/ homeowners and/or their homes.
I’ve even got Handsome Dale Duffy’s mug on my site comments page with his referral.

Looks nice, i’ll hand them out at inspections. As far as mail, my clients download their report online, but there is a spot they candownload additional items like this i think or a brochure etc…


I have it set up where our system sends out a follow up survey and follow up email two weeks after an inspection automatically. I have had this set up for a couple months and have received amazing results. The survey has some general questions and two paragraph sections. One section is a place they can leave suggestions for us to improve our services, and the other is a place they can write about their experience. If you don’t get feed back from your clients you will never be able to improve and grow your business. This is one I received back this morning.

Name*:Ruth KingHow would you rate your experience with scheduling your appointment?:Very goodWas your inspector on time?:YesHow would you rate your overall experience with your inspector?:Very GoodWould you recommend Trademark Home Inspection, LLC to other people?:DefinitelyPlease leave a few words to describe of your experience with Trademark Home Inspection, LLC.*:I appreciate Matthew’s hard work and effort. He saved me a thousand of dollars due to his experience and expertise. I would highly recommend him. Thanks, MatthewIn a few words tell us what we can do to improve our services for the future.:N/A