A Meeker 4 point

I wrote this one up today on the 4 point and though of you.
Fortunately the guy didn’t get mad at me, and I explained to him it was wrong.
This one was reduced to 1/2 inch right at the valve and then again in the photo.

Glad you are thinking of me that’s why I have the award :slight_smile:
That and double taps are the most common problems I see in 4 points.

Better look out now that you are in Florida I am agreeing with you and you are thinking of me :slight_smile: Just wait till summer then you will really get me.

Do i feel love in the air?

Da da dadada da. Who knows maybe some day we will actually meet.

I would almost bet we would get along in real life, Almost :slight_smile:

Not many folks I do not get along with in person. Here is a way different story.

That’s a steam generator for a custom shower in the master bath:idea::idea: