A message to members and a great offer from Secure 24.

Hello fellow InterNACHI Members,

My name is Ken Hammelman and I am the Director of Agency Relations for Secure24 an Authorized ADT Dealership and a Preferred InterNACHI Vendor. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and my Affiliate Services Program (ASP). I work with Home inspectors to provide a value added service for your clients while making you a little extra money at the same time. Here is what we will bring to the table for you and your clients:

Advantages for your clients:

  • Client’s receive a comprehensive deluxe wireless security system for $99
  • Client’s then get $100 cash back: 10 business days after installation
  • System Includes 3 wireless door contacts, 1 pet immune motion detector, 1 digital key pad, and a ireless remote fob!
  • For client’s requiring cellular transmission, S24 provides a cellular module at no cost ($250 value)
  • Your client’s speak directly with me. I become their personal rep.
  • The client receives a 8%-15% discount off their home owner’s policy
  • Clean Install Guarantee
  • 6-month money back guarantee: Service Excellence Guarantee
  • SEARS Partnership Program: Upwards to 30% discounts on all major appliances for an entire year
  • OneSource Concierge Service Program: FREE service for connecting home services such as phone, TV, Internet, Gas,Electric, Water, etc.
  • Here is a link to OneSource’s website: http://osc123.com/

Advantages for you:

  • $200 incentive for each client that purchases an ADT-Secure24 alarm system. (you can keep the $200, give it back to your client, or give it to a charity)
  • I personally write you a check 10 days after install
  • You get to offer your clients an added level of service that get’s them a discount on their home owner’s policy. -up to 15%
  • You are able to offer your clients a FREE wireless security system on your behalf.
  • I will send the certificate of installation immediately after the installation.
  • You also get me, an ADT rep. that will make sure to bring great customer service to you and your clients and protect their home beyond insurance.

Secure24’s President Jon Leach answering FAQ about our ASP program: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqf2LmPu1yI

Thanks for your time and consideration. Please call me on my direct line (888 ) 689-5526 or email ken@secure24promos.com to get started or with any questions you may have. Keep in mind that we are very flexible and are more then happy to design a specific plan to fit your comfort level with the program.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and working with you and your clients,

Ken Hammelman
ADT Secure24-Director of Agency Relations
Direct line-(888 ) 689-5526
Email- Ken@secure24promos.com | www.Secure24promos.com

Seems like a nice program, though a certain competitor of this gentleman recently announced that this program is non-compliant and that their contract with ADT is about to be “shut down”.

Again, not my words.

Taken from Post #44 of the former Censorship, now Shenanigans Thread, a certain competitor wrote:

From NACHI and MB Shenanigans - Page 3 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/international-association-certified-home-inspectors-and-mb-shenanigans-83923/index3.html#post1073394#ixzz2bJ1gXUpp

Ken … Is this true?

Maybe a follow-on comment from the OTHER guy…


Nate ?

Nathan ? Are you there ?

Yet another example of one vendor smearing the products and services or a competitor.

Isn’t this covered in the VCOE somewhere?

Don’t worry. If it is, it will be ignored or removed or reworded.

Nate ? Are you going to tell us that what you wrote is blather, or truthful.

Nathan ?

Maybe his parents took his computer away from him. I would if he were my kid.


If what Nathan alleges is true, then how can you, in good conscience, promote this?

Is what Nathan says truthful? Doesn’t NACHI have a duty to research this?

Considering InterNACHI’s recent partnership with the alarm services industry, I would assume that Nick has already carefully reviewed Thornberry’s allegations and have found them to be typically false and self serving, as the other claims he has made. Otherwise, he would not be endorsing this company as a “Preferred InterNACHI Vendor”.

The statement should probably be modified to read that Nick reviewed things and simply does not care… for the benefit of the membership

This may be more accurate.

We always want to be accurate.

Just an attempt to derail our efforts. We are a great company with a great product and we treat our customers and affiliates like gold. If my competitor can pull FACTS and or PROOF (something he clearly doesn’t believe in before stating ignorant and/or slanderous remarks) of this matter, then you can be worried. Until then, I think I deserve the chance to work with every one of you guys.

That way you can judge for yourselves…

Thanks, Ken.

Your competitor is well known for his lies and misrepresentations and, with the exception of a small handful of newbies, is generally disregarded. You are not his only target.

Don’t let them derail the thread Ken.



Derail the thread, Nick?

Your little buddy tried to derail Ken’s entire PROGRAM, so forget this thread. You did NOTHING to rebuke his statements, and now have the gall to intimate that anyone is trying to derail the thread.

If anything, we wanted Ken to have the opportunity to set the record straight regarding his products and services, since another “preferred” vendor within this org likes to take artistic license with fact, in an effort to besmirch those who compete with him or disagree with his demeanor, tactics, products, or services.

These threads are necessary because you refuse to act with regard to the outrageous comments of this competing vendor.

And now we know.

Ken has characterized the comments against his program and firm as slanderous.

How will he me made to prove a negative. Perhaps, instead of being obsessed with protecting someone and moving threads around, the true detractor should be made to prove his allegations.

This would, of course, be for the benefit of the membership.

Do it.

Someone derailed it. Let’s see who:

Post #2: Joe Farsetta
Post #3: James Bushart
Post #4: Joe Farsetta
Post #5: Joe Farsetta
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Post #13: Ken
Post #14: Jim Bushart
Post #15: Nick asking that the thread not be derailed.
Post #16: Jim Bushart
Post #17: Joe Farsetta


Head out of a ss, please.

Your promotion of a vendor product is undermined in another thread by a competing vendor who has stated that this distributor is in violation of his contract with ADT and whose contract is about to be shut down.

Asking for this vendor to clarify and deny or confirm that the program YOU promote within the thread is still viable is NOT a derailment. Unless Nathan tells you so, I guess.

So, Nick… for clarification on your part… did KEn’s clarification of what he refers to as slander on the part of another, and affimation of his fine product and service help him or hurt him, especially as it pertains to what members may have believed to be true as the result of what they read (lies from a competitor of Ken) in another thread?

Hurt him or help him? Because I have not said a negative thing about his product or service.

And speaking of a DERAILMENT, much appreciation for your own attempted derailment of yet another thread where I compliment Ken for being professional, and you slam me.

Sleepy Bye, Nick
I’ll get the smelling salts.
If someone peels your eyelids open after that knockout, they’d likely see “NO SALE”, like in the Popeye cartoon.

Go ahead. Say something brilliant for the benefit of the Membership.
Better to remain silent.

Read post #1 (the topic of this thread) and the title of this thread… it has nothing to do with your obsession. You’re way off topic and derailed yet another thread. See if you can go 5 minutes without thinking about Nathan.