A Missouri Rep.pleads guilty to bribery


And the FBI says there are more to come. Sad but true.

And what political party was he affiliated with again?

The FBI is not done yet.

It’s St. Louis county… Go ahead and answer the question… What party affiliation is being omitted from the reports?

I believe he is with the Democratic party. But, who cares, they are all taking bribes. Political party doesn’t matter.

Maybe so, but it’s telling that the traditional media only report party affiliation when it’s a republican in trouble. They tend to ignore the stories of the dems, and if they are pushed into reporting them ignore specific details (like party.)

Now I see your point. That is very true. If it was a Republican, they would have had that in the story.

Perhaps they don’t consider it news when it’s a Dem, just business as usual??? Just thinking out loud here.:wink:

It is in the story.

El-Amin is the third Democratic lawmaker from the St. Louis area to plead guilty to federal charges in the past month. State Sen. Jeff Smith and Rep. Steve Brown resigned after pleading guilty in August to a scheme to obstruct a federal investigation into finance violations by Smith’s unsuccessful 2004 congressional campaign.

You Repulibicians need to stop jumping to conclusions. Death panels, now this.

Ooops. :shock:

No conspiracy here, move along.

More telling is that some look to jump on party affiliation, rather than the crime. :frowning:

Face it, they’re ALL crooks. :shock:

Jim, it’s the eight paragraph down. If he were a republican it would have been in the first sentence. The only report I heard of this in St. Louis was on talk radio.

You Democrats think we are stupid. We’re not, we see the bias. If you can’t then I’m telling you now, you are being played.

You are trying to twist my point. The crime was the crime.

My comment was on the reporting of crimes committed by those who are in public office. It seems that the party affiliation is only important to the media when it is a republican committing them. Major media sources either omit the reporting of the party or bury it in the article (like the 8th paragraph) if its a Dem. If it is a republican, it’s either in the first paragraph, first sentence, or more normally the title.

I don’t expect it to change. I’m just calling it out. Libs are libs, and they are going to act like libs. Playing fair isn’t in their play book.

You just proved my point. It came from a Republican newspaper. How does it feel to be played?

Says you Jimmy. Besides even if it is in this case. Where are the Dem papers even reporting it. Like I said the ONLY place I’ve heard this reported is on conservative talk radio.

I’m done playing for today. Grandaughters 2nd birthday…much more important than trying to teach the unteachable…

The internet is a wonderful thing.
Google, while you’re listening to Rush for 3 hours ;-):p…

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch](http://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/politics/story/811EDA680E92D0338625763C00124337%3FOpenDocument&ei=NDa-SsPQKZOj8QbQ4-GsAQ&sa=X&oi=news_group&resnum=1&ct=image&usg=AFQjCNES6QYWmjYbhPdCvWwKpmm4s2gqcg) El-Amin pleads guilty to bribery](http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/stories/2009/09/21/daily59.html)‎ - 2 days ago
Talibdin “TD” El-Amin, D-St. Louis, pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony bribery charge for accepting a $2100 bribe from a gas station owner. In May, El-Amin
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Sep 24, 2009 T.D. El-Amin today pleaded guilty to a bribery charge in federal court. He faces between 18 and 24 months in prison.
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<LI class=“g w0” style=“MARGIN-LEFT: 3em”>Talibdin “T.D.” El-Amin pleads guilty to accepting a bribe

Sep 24, 2009 Notes do him in • He didn’t know cameras were watching. Resigning • Exit follows convictions of 2 other lawmakers.
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A Missouri State Representative admitted to pressuring a small business for cash bribes.
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Sep 24, 2009 Talibdin El-Amin, 38, of St. Louis, pleaded guilty to one felony count of soliciting and accepting a bribe. He appeared before United States
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Sep 24, 2009 T.D. El-Amin has pleaded guilty to a federal bribery charge for accepting a $2100 payment from a St. Louis gas station owner.
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Sep 24, 2009 On the heels of State Senator Jeff Smith (D-St. Louis) and State Representative Steve Brown (D-St. Louis) committing illegal acts and being
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Sep 24, 2009 1) Had the gas station owner donated $2100 to El-Amin’s campaign committee, would there be charges and a guilty plea today?
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El-Amin pleads guilty to bribery, resigns. Comments Comment on this article. Sep 24, 2009 12:45 PM (21 mins ago) By CHRIS BLANK, AP
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Sep 24, 2009 State Rep. TD El-Amin has pleaded guilty to federal bribery charges. He is the third Democratic lawmaker from the St. Louis area to plead
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