A More Specific Type of Liability Insurance

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I have a general question that people in the home inspection business may be able to help with. Also this subject matter may be from a little different slant concerning liability.

In my business I perform energy audits for people's homes. I go from room to room and record all energy (electricity and natural gas) using devices. I inspect the windows (for types of windows and integrity of installation) and the walls (for insulation levels). I then climb into the attic to check for insulation levels and any major air leakage paths into the living space. I also go into the crawl space and check insulation levels on the floor and hot water piping, and any sign of water leakage or major air leakage paths. I'll also inspect the HVAC system and integrity of the ductwork, and the hot water heater type and location. Finally I'll go onto the roof if necessary and use a special type of hand-held tool to determine how well solar panels will work on the house. Based on this information and by analyzing their utility billing history, I'll suggest some retrofits that will help them use less energy and increase the comfort of their home. From there it's up to them to select an actual contractor if they choose, or to have me help select a contractor to perform those retrofits if needed. I don?t do any actual construction work myself; nor do I provide any particular type of certification like a HERS Rater, Appraiser, Code Compliance Inspector or Title 24 Analyst.

As for liability insurance, what I foresee is I could potentially fall through someone's ceiling, break a window or two, or crack some shingles on their roof. So I?d need some level of general liability insurance. Another way I'm thinking about it is I want to protect the customer from being liable if I get hurt while on his premises, so I'd want my own insurance. Also if I do damage to the house (which would probably be unlikely and relatively minor damage) I want to have insurance to cover.

Does anyone have any insight on any company that would provide liability insurance based on my business needs?


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Try State wide Insurance out of Rancho Cordova Ca. They have a program if you are a home based business that gives you a huge discount on GL insurance.