A new CMI formula. I've jumped to the other side of the fence.

I’ve evolved. You have all convinced me that longevity and experience needs to be a requirement of CMI because longevity and experience are indicators of competence. An inspector who lasts long, likely lasts long because he/she is doing things right. This is true for most businesses.

Anyway, I thank the members who dragged me kicking and screaming to this point in my evolution. :smiley: Thanks for your persistence… I know I’m a tough case.

Anyway, here is my new proposed formula which takes into consideration education, longevity, and education:

Number of continuing education hours completed in lifetime + number of weeks in business + number of inspections performed in lifetime must = 1,000 or more with a minumum of 100 in each category.

What say ye?

No problem with me . Now what do you tell those who are already listed .
Roy sr

Thank you Nick.

I think that those requirements are much better than what was started with. Hopefully in time those requirements will evolve just as NACHI has over the years.


This is better.

Will this remove the requirement of having so many CE hours from the CMI school if applied for after a certain date?

I like that you put in CE hours instead of just any education. Am I correct in assuming that the education taken to get into the business would not count as CE? Must the CE be inspection related?

Greg, yes… all inspection-related continuing education would qualify regardless of whether you took it to get into business or to get a license of if you took it after.

Yes, the CE requirement has always been inspection-related only.

Think about this formula for a minute… it is almost impossible for someone fulfilling the 100 week requirement (about 2 years) to qualfiy as even if they fulfilled the 100 CE hours requirement, they would still have had to perform 800 inspections (to get the points up to 1,000) over the 2 year period to qualify. It is pretty tough for most inspectors to do 800 inspections in 2 years so likely most CMI’s will be 3 year veterans at least.

Greg, tell me I have your support with this formula. I want to sleep tonight.

I’m trying to come up with a worst case scenerio in terms of a newbie acquiring the designation and it looks like Texas would be a worst case scenerio.

It takes about 400 CE’s to enter the business in Texas, then the inspector would have to stay in business 2 years to meet the 100 week requirement. That would give him/her 500 points. He/she would then have had to perform 500 inspections in that 2 years to reach 1,000. Pretty unlikely.

HI Nick,

For what it is worth you have my support for the CMI when you implement these new requirements. You don’t really think that anyone listens to me.

Does ICC require experience? In other words, do you have to complete a certain number of code inspections?

Damn!!! I have Greg’s support. Greg, thanks for staying in the ring with me. You get much of the credit for the new formula.

These are the requirements for a master code inspector.

Master Code Professional
Examinations for this certification have been assigned a credit value. Candidates must achieve 30 examination credits from both core and elective examination. Core (Required) Examinations Residential Building Inspector2 credits Commercial Building Inspector3 credits Commercial Electrical Inspector2 credits Commercial Mechanical Inspector2 credits Commercial Plumbing Inspector2 credits Building Plan Examiner3 credits Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner1 credit Certified Building Official (2 exams)4 credits 19 credits

Elective Examinations (11 credits required) Residential Electrical Inspector1 credit Residential Mechanical Inspector1 credit Residential Plumbing Inspector1 credit Electrical Plans Examiner2 credits Mechanical Plans Examiner2 credits Plumbing Plans Examiner2 credits Fire Inspector I1 credit Fire Inspector II1 credit Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner2 credits Commercial Energy Inspector1 credit Commercial Energy Plans Examiner2 credits Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector 2 credits Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector1 credit

So to answer your question I don’t think they do. But lets not take a step backwards. We want to be the ones that set the example for others to follow.

I just spoke with Joe B. He is on the road, but from my understanding you now have two people that will support it.

Here’s another Texas example. I qualified for a TREC license under the old requirements of 192 education hours (the 448 hrs has only been required since 1/1/05) plus I have 32 approved CE hours plus approximately 250 inspections in the last 2 years. That’s a total of 578 points. It will be another 2-3 years before I have enough points to apply for CMI. That sounds pretty fair to me. Well, wait a minute, maybe not, I guess that means a Texas newbie would qualify a lot sooner than me because he has 256 hours more education than me. Something about that doesn’t seem right, does it? Should time in business and number of inspections carry more weight than education?

You need to define “inspections” better to make it clear to all…

Some inspectors might want to count one or more of these:
a. Full inspections to meet at least one published SOP
b. Re-inspections (basically a limited inspection)
c. Limited inspections (any that are less than NACHI SOP or state SOP)
d. Mold inspections
e. Radon inspections

Am I to understand that to become a Master Code Inspector you must pass all required ICC courses on line (for a price) and pass all the ICC required examinations (for a price) with no field experience required?

Bruce, No… we only count home inspections… not ancillary inspections.

Joe, No… I was just making a point about ICC being educational based and no experience necessary.

Greg, do you mean we have Joe Burkeson’s support for this formula? Is this what you are saying? If so… I’m going to declare June 22 a national CMI holiday :smiley: .


Greg Bell and Joe Burkeson are supporting Nick Gromicko?!?!?!!

Are the toops starting to withdraw now?

Gas prices will begin falling to pre-1975 levels…

I’m going to grow hair on top of my head…and–


…ahhhh–there’ll be peace in the valley tonight. Don’t you just love it??

Congrats to all of you guys for pulling together on this–makes NACHI the best, for real!!

Mr. Gromicko,

I could care less about CMI.
I love you for what you have done so far.
We all have an agenda and you can not fill all of that. If you ecpect this, you live in another place in the universe!

I currently live by but a few rules.
Rule# 1; things change.
Rule#2; you can’t change rule #1.

“Do what has to be done.” and stand by it till it is no longer a vallade stance.

As for me, if I wanted to “class” thoes that worked for me. I would have to go with even “Sh$t House Experience”.
A lot can be gained by being there (if you don’t waste your time in life)! Low, do you all know that you accompany me to the out house with my wireless connection :slight_smile: !!!

Nick, you provided a place for me where I’d rather be…

If you want CMI. I advise that you allow ALL experience a HI has. For one, I never intended to be an HI. Most of us here are in that boat. As they said in the armed forces (in the "big one) , I spent more time in the mess hall than the Lt. That holds more H2O than any on/off-line course (many of which I have taken). However, there are a lot of HI’s out ther that have spent many hours in the classroom to get to where they want to get. We do not need to ostorsize them for their efforts!

We all get there in our own way.
Give us all a break!

You have been damned for your “test”.
At least you have a starting point. Taking and passing as test is not the fishing point! It is only the begining! If you want to be here next year, you must carry on!