A new experiment: InterNACHI® Reviews

Hey everyone,

We’re experimenting with a new section of the site, with consumer-focussed reviews of services that folks may need either before or after an inspection. We’ve partnered with a professional research group that spent weeks researching, secret shopping, and interviewing for our first review of the best moving companies.

The goal of this new section is twofold:

  1. Target topics that consumers may search for before choosing an inspector so that we can help generate new leads for InterNACHI® members. Each article will include information about home inspections and a call-to-action to hire an InterNACHI® member.

  2. Provide resources that our members’ clients may be asking for after the inspection, so that InterNACHI® members have new ways to extend their relationship with past clients. We’re building a library of high quality reviews that can be shared for marketing purposes. As we continue to expand the reviews section, we’ll eventually offer each member a custom link that includes their own contact info/logo/photo on each review—your very own personalized review site!

We’re just getting started. Check out the first review and feel free to respond here with feedback! (I’m aware that the current article is overly US-focussed, so we’re already working on expanding it to Canada and international moves.)