A new one for me

I’ve run into some interesting things in my decades in real estate, but one of yesterday’s inspections was unique.

It was a 2/1 condo conversion. One of the first things I do at an inspection is describe the rooms. As I record my descriptions, I turn the lights on in that room. After I’ve inspected that room, I turn the lights off. And I always go in a clockwise direction from the front entrance so that I can determine if someone’s been playing with the lights.

So yesterday I was in the back bedroom which had a view through the living room to the dining room. The dining room was the last room in the clockwise direction, so the lights were still on. The first outlet in the bedroom was wired correctly. Outlets 2 and 3 were miswired, showing an open neutral. Outlet 4 was the margarita :margarit: culmination of my day. When I plugged my outlet tester in, the lights in the dining room went off. When I pulled the outlet tester out, the lights in the dining room went back on.

My Client got a kick out of it when I demonstrated for her: “So, I can turn the dining room lights off when I plug my alarm clock in?” “Yes, yes you can,” I chuckled.

By the way, this was the lady who provided me with a marriage proposal yesterday, to which I politely declined by outting myself, at which point we went across the street to have a margarita :margarit: at On The Border. And yes, I picked up the bill, as any Southern gentleman out with a lovely lady would do. :cool:

lololol…I have to tell you…RRAY you made my day on that one…lol…very nice.

AS for the receptacle…yeah…I would probably write that one up if I were you…thehehe…Moral of the story…DO an inspection, Get a Marriage proposal and then if all else fails…Get Drunk and pick up the tab…Nice.