A newbie in for help!🤓

Antoine Here…

After becoming a certified home inspector

Do you try to find multi-inspector firms that is active hiring
Or Do you just start working on your business

Thank you for your feedback in advanced
God Bless

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That is a question only you can answer for yourself. Ask yourself these questions.

Do you want to hustle and market to get your business off the ground?

If you go business owner route, what type of business do you want? There are some HI who will say 1-2 inspections per week is successful and to them maybe that’s all they need or want.

Or do you want to do inspections only and have down time?

Some people believe that business ownership is easy and choose Home Inspection because the barrier for entry is low, however the road to success can be very hard and long. That’s why so many quit early on.


Mostly agree with Tony, but he missed the two most important questions…

  1. What is your experience related to inspecting/construction/trades, etc.?

  2. What is your experience with Business Management/Ownership??

Your answers to Tony’s questions may lead you to think one thing, but if you have little to no experience, well, you may be out of business before you even get started.

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Try this: Should You Join A Multi-Inspector Firm? - Inspector Toolbelt Home Inspection Software


I want to thank you for your feedback ,Tony
Your very thoughtful of mapping out this situation

Everything you said I will put in consideration and think everything over with plan…

Once I do come up with a plan I would surely like to tell you how it plays out

Thanks, Jeffery, That’s correct I currently do not have any experience, but I can always try to shadow people to gain experience and give them something back in return

And continue to build relationships with home inspectors like yourself


And that’s ok, we all have to start somewhere, just that’s it’s really important to know your limitations and what you are capable of to make the decisions of ‘where to go from here’.

My recommendation would be to take a Business 101-102 course at your local community college, while you put some feelers out there with some multi-inspector companies to get your feet wet.
You may find out real fast what is right for you.


Tony got it right…I will say this. I never did work with a multi firm inspection company, but I have heard of some bad stories of them locking in some crappy contracts with “Non Compete” clauses that are insanely brutal.
If you go down that road, you will surely gain experience and get some training along the way, but be careful before you sign the dotted line. You may regret it 12 months later.

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