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With the retirement of our current Executive Director, Mr. John Bowman, I would respectfully suggest that our past ED and Founder, Nick Gromicko return to his former position within this organization, immediately.

I acknowledge the contributions that John has made in the past year, and feel that the best person suited to keep the organization moving forward can only be Nick. His rapport and enthusiasm is well known throughout the industry. He has done more for NACHI than anyone in this org. His contributions cannot be denied.

A poor choice in my opinion.

Nick has his strengths. Organization and planning is not among them. These are the two most vital elements in NACHIs future succes or failure. We need aleader with experience in those areas, while Nick continues his success as a PR guy and NCAHI advocate.

I vote no.


this is surely a members only discussion, is it not?



I would respectfully suggest that the creator of this quote get immediate attention from the proper sources. Its not the Dark Side, it’s the Farside.!! Another brilliant idea Joe, now go take your meds.:roll:


I feel it unnecessary and a move backward for NACHI if Mr. Bowman were to relinquish the title of Executive Director back to Nick. Nick is a wonderful spokesman for NACHI a real big-picture charismatic visionary who is able to sell our potential to the public. John Bowman on the other hand is an experienced leader who is willing to make the tough decisions necessary for NACHI to reach the full potential that Nick sees.

Realistically though, should Nick return to the Executive Director position he should return and uphold the decisions that the previous Executive Director has instituted and not nullify the decision to suspend you and continue the investigation of crimes perpetrated against NACHI members.

I’m going to have to agree with Gerry on this one:neutral:

You think Nick cares about the right or wrong forum? I know he doesn’t. I asked him the same question a few weeks ago, and he blew me off totally. Granted, I hadn’t paid the dues yet, but what does that matter? He will answer you if the mood strikes him. I asked him an ethics question regarding a member before I was a member, and he blew me off completely. Answered me in partial sentences without a real explanation of the logic buttressing his opinion. The member was offering both inspection and repair solutions, yet this was viewed as “not unethical.” I have been following this organization for two years now before joining and I want desperately for Nachi to take the high road on ethical
grounds, still I am unsure what will become of this organization because of a lack of leadership with conviction and vision. I want a NACHI that is not a reactionary force in the HI
industry, but a progressive force. This cannot be the case as long as the leadership is playing defense and underdog role.

We need leadership that can operate outside of the shadows cast by the industry leader ASHI and not merely be an instigator of friction between the industry membership. Please be willing to accept this criticism in good faith.

Mos Def

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this is surely a members only discussion, is it not?


I’m going to have to agree with Gerry on this one:neutral:*

Mos Def


I agree that the members only section is the place for this, but as I recall Nick does not access the Members only section, which a prior post indicated.

Am I a Member, Yes. Am I a vendor, Yes. Am I a NY State Licensed Educator, Yes. Do I like to see this turmoil when I am advocating to my students to join NACHI, No.

I am not sure what occurred, and what was said or who said what and when. If the tape was made during a meeting of NACHI, then I am missing something. NACHI official meetings should have minutes taken or the meeting would be taped for the record. Is this was we are talking about?

I was not notified of any chapter presidents meeting at the convention or I would have been there. I know Len Ungar and Patsy Maietta were not notified of any either. Was there an official NACHI chapter presidents meeting at the convention?

Quote: “Nick has done more for NACHI than anyone else in the org.”

Why in the world would a volunteer want to work harder than the person who is making all the money?

Erol Kartal

Mark, we have an Ethics Committee at NACHI so if you, as a non-member, oddly emailed me about some ethics problem you were having with a competitor, you are lucky to have me answer at all. I have no duty to reply to non-member’s emails, let alone areas that are outside my realm.

Joe, some of NACHI’s appearance of disorganization has to do with the speed at which we move and growth rate. http://www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm is unmatched by any trade association in terms of pace. I think the part of the organization I command… staff (this also includes accounting, tech, legal, vendor relations, membership dept, IQ, membership benefit development, marketing, etc)… runs nearly flawlessly. We get a lot done, smoothly and efficiently.

Erol, I have been an unpaid, uncompensated, volunteer at NACHI since the begininning as the IRS and NACHI’s tax attorney and C.P.A. can attest.

I will start a new thread about finding John’s successor by May 7th (his last day as ED).

Well, this should be interesting!


“Erol, I have been an unpaid, uncompensated, volunteer at NACHI since the begininning as the IRS and NACHI’s tax attorney and C.P.A. can attest.”

Nick I have a hard time believing this statement. Would you be willing to open the books to the members to prove this? Its my understanding that no members have ever seen the financials of NACHI. Will you authorize NACHI’s CPA to release the books to us? Can you tell us which accounting firm audits NACHI’s books? Can we see thier report?


eleven posts, and you have an axe to grind here already?

Rick, NACHI’s tax returns have always been posted at www.nachi.org/nachitax.htm , 2005’s are not posted yet but I think revenues were about 1.5 million and will be about 2.5 million for 2006. You are free to confirm with anyone on NACHI’s staff that I have never been on payroll and free to confirm with Jeff Cohen, tax attorney and C.P.A. http://www.nachi.org/contact.htm that I am not compensated (directly or indirectly) and I have always been an uncompensated volunteer (as are many at NACHI).

The IRS completed a 6 month long forensic audit of NACHI last year and it was my total lack of compensation (in part) that led them to take the nearly unprecedented move to rule that NACHI is not only non-profit and tax exempt, but tax exempt retroactively back to 1998! http://www.nachi.org/nachitaxexempt.htm

Nick - I wil vouch for you, I helped Jeff Cohen with the 2004 taxes and you were not on payroll, nor did you ever take a contracting check for your volunteer work performed. Hell, I set up payroll twice you were never on it.

Don’t forget Mark;

5 posts, 0 paid inspections and he’s also packing an axe…

I only assumed you make money here since it’s your organization. Many people would think the same. No discredit meant, just a logical assumption. I wasn’t aware that NACHI’s expenses were as high as it’s revenues. I give you credit if you do this 15 hours a day for no money.

Nick works even harder than that and does more than most people will ever know.

Maybe people wouldn’t be so quick to criticize if they knew all Nick does for them, but then again the most helpful people are usually the last to pat themselves on the back.

I for one will be grateful to Nick always for all he has done for the industry and therefore for me.