A non-profit home inspection company? Never saw one before.

interesting concept!

Non profits can be quite lucrative

Then how did they get a official Boy Scout badge ? :slight_smile:

Are we allowed to create our own certificates ?


Some of the highest paid people work in Nonprofits.
When all my license fee, E&O insurance, Real Estate and membership fees come due I think I have inadvertently become a true non profit

Great looking website

Must take an interesting salary level in order to be “non-profit”. I wonder if he has a board of directors and has regular meetings with them. Would be interested in an accountants take on this. Do we have any accountants in the room?

I’m wondering what the incentive would be for someone to hire them. Are their prices any less than the competition in that area? Are they banking on the idea that the general public likes the (mistaken) idea that the person inspecting their home won’t be profiting from it?

Well, he’s a Nachi member. His website says he does free inspections for other non-profits.

Hmmm is this another beta run for Nicks free inspections 2018? :wink: