A PIC of Scott Harris, our Oregon Chapter President in action.


Ummmmm…when and how can I meet him?! :smiley:

Wendy Forsyth…Horse Lover extroardinaire!!! :wink:

Get in your car and start driving…

1:Start out going NORTH on OLD BRINNON HWY toward US-101.<0.1 miles
2:Turn SHARP LEFT onto US-101 S.58.9 miles
3:Merge onto I-5 S toward PORTLAND (Crossing into OREGON).110.4
4:Take EXIT 302A toward CITY CENTER.0.2 miles
5:Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto N BROADWAY.0.2 miles
6:N BROADWAY becomes BROADWAY BRIDGE.0.3 miles
8:Turn LEFT onto NW COUCH ST.0.1 miles
9:End at Portland

Total Est. Time: 2 hours, 55 minutes Total Est. Distance: 170.88 miles

You may want to give him a ring before venturing off…(503)679-7184

Thanks. I think.:shock:

Wow. People take everything so literally on this board. LOL. I’d actually rather meet the horse. :wink:

Do you have his address?:cool:

BTW, anyone who wants to point and laugh at me on TV today…I’ll be at the Wa. State Senate hearings on Washington Home Inspector licensing.

I’ll try to find a camera and wave. :wink:

(pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don’t take that seriously! :smiley: )

Hi Wendy,
I’ll also be at the Denver Commercial course. Good luck at the hearings.

Thanks! I’ll talk to you later! :slight_smile:

yes good luck Wendy!

Nick you need to pay for riding lessons for this guy he has his foot improperly placed in the stirrup if the horse fell he would be unable to remove his foot in time to prevent a trip to the hospital.

Wendy if you like horses I have plenty for sale (30) priced from $25,000 to $500.00 take your pick.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Charley…the foot thing was probably from waving at the camera. :wink:

The horse thing…what kind of horses do you have and will you transport them? Do you have a website?

Actually I was looking at the ball as it was going past me on my near side. You can see the ball just in front of the horses nose. Also this is polo not dressage, you ride with a wide stirrup and your foot deeper in becouse you are usually reaching way out all over for the ball. My equitation is fine. Check out the pros in polo magazine (online as well as printed), they ride deeper with their heels all over the place.

Hey Charley, you got any 15.2 or 3 throughbreds? Quick, handy with good minds? I coach polo at OSU and they need some new horses I can “make” for them. ??? good cause, they’re great kids.

tax deductabe…

I have some contacts with the WSU polo club (my OSU team playes them quite a bit & I’ve played with the parents of some of them). There are some inexpensive ranch type horses and retired polo ponies that make great all around reining type horses. Great fun for team penning or that kind of stuff.

Sounds great! I would love to look into it.

I’m an Arabian person, but for the kids am interested in anything pushbutton yet in good shape, smart yet motivated towards the handler, and color really doesn’t matter but if I’m going into reining horses buckskins, grullas and palominos are cool.

I’d be really open to donations of horses that may not have anywhere to go otherwise. When I’m able to get my acreage I want to start a retirement type facility to prevent all these gorgeous arabians who people get tired of and send off to the knackers. I have a personal problems with that kind of stuff.

BTW, I wasn’t particularly concerned with your equitation. I really don’t know polo but I figured there was probably a reason. I ride mostly hunt seat and dressage having worked with a three day eventer in my early teens. Once that gets into your blood…:wink:

I Raise Appaloosa Halter and or Performance.

I do not personally transport but there are commercial transport folks but are expensive.

No I have no web site; on my list to do If I live that long.

Scott I have not a clue about Polo not my thing I was just making jest no offense.
I have taught many children to ride and the first item is not to place your foot beyond the toe into the stirrup I just shudder whenever I see the foot all of the way to the heel of the boot as I have been in a few Horse wrecks myself not pretty.

No My linage has very little Throughbred to none. My Stallion measures 16.2 and weighs 1550 LBS I refer to my appys as colored Quarter horses his first foal crop is this year and his first three foals are following his footprint large and leggy.

AHHHHHH at the price of hay I can not afford the giveaways as much as I would LUV to. I have to dedicate at least 5 inspections a month to pay for the feed??? If the price of hay continues to rise in this area we will be seeing horses turned loose in the roads because the backyard horse people will not afford to feed them. Hope not. Good luck with your Polo Watch your feet though:) :slight_smile:

Some riders ride with the stirrup more “home,” or shoved toward the heel. This is preferable for sports such as Polo and Eventing, where the speed and sudden changes of direction of the former, and the great change in terrain and solid fences of the latter, make the rider more likely to be jarred loose from the tack and increases the possibility of loosing a stirrup.

However, this placement decreases the flexibility of the ankle, and therefore the shock-absorbing ability of the rider. Additionally, it increases the chance that the rider’s foot will become stuck in the stirrup should he/she fall, a very dangerous situation. This placement should therefore not be used if it is not needed, and in many cases (such as dressage) it would be detrimental.

This is kind of a coincedence. The OSU polo club has a white arabian that they aquired a few months ago. They have been schooling it with the intention to sell. (Arab’s don’t make very useful polo horses, just not their thing). I don’t think it would go for much, would you like some more information? Also at the end of the year I know someone who is going to be retiring/giving away 2 older polo horses (they are still fine, but the owner wants them to have an easier life out of polo). They might make wonderful horses to teach children to ride.:wink:

No offence taken Charley. WE also use a special wide stirrup to avoid getting hung up.

Nice descrtiption David.

David nice statement I knew we had more in common that just home inspections some times a person just knows.

I ride with my knees down to my feet most of my commands are given with the knees thus to enable perfect balance in the saddle I cushion with my toes only simply to allow my butt to raise slightly from the saddle without the appearance of doing so. You never see team penner’s or barrel racers with their feet jammed in.