A Poll Strickly For Educational Purposes....

Just A Poll

I don’t like any of the answers, and its too early for me to tell…:smiley:

I’m working on my second million dollars

I gave up on my first million…:slight_smile:

But it does matter “how long you have been in it”

Are you doing home inspections now, and how long have you been doing them? Or as your profile says "Bringing in the money to help support my next great idea… " For you, it may be time to move on to the next great idea:)

You’re only 22 years old. I really don’t think you know what you want to be when you grow up and enter the real world. You have no business plan, no start up capital, no experience, no formal training and no idea what you’re doing. Sorry, but that’s what I’ve gathererd so far from your inquiries here. Just dreaming.

as to where you gathered your information is out there to me, i do have a business plan w/ some capital (seems like not too much is needed unless your advertising rediculously) i have a dream of where i want to be and the means to get there, so please dont attack my integrity unless you know me, and when you know me you’ll see you have nothing to attack… thanks for everyones help on my research poll

see and again still ahve no idea about me, considering i have many years of construction, and am currently and for the last month training thro a very recommended course… so please keep your personal messages to yourself or my inbox, not on a forum where im looking for research information…



You come into our home as a guest and then challenge one of our dues paying members .
This just might not leave others with a good impression of you.
Now if you are a smart as you say you are you should be able to look at many previous posts and get more information then you will know what to do with .
You see you are far from the first to ask these questions.
Almost every question you can think of has been asked many times .
You will see if you just read a little that NACHI has many great members who do not mind helping .
We do not get upset with giving the same answers over and over again .
But politeness and just a little bit humble will get you much further here then belittling one of our members .
We are one great big happy family and disagree with each other frequently .
So I repeat please be polite and except us as we are.


The wording in your poll is a problem. According to the $ amount I’m in one but I have to check another.
Next time don’t editorialize the choices - just cold facts.

I smell a Dwelling Doctors reply poll lurking around the corner :shock: :shock: :shock: :mrgreen:

There were not enough choices for me to answer. Why not include; making a good living, wife likes that I am home in the evenings and for her birthday!