A possible aberration.

I am awaiting a reply from InterNACHI owner Nick Gromicko.
Dale Duffy and Christopher Currins along with other loyal members that questioned my hastened departure from this grand association.

I am moved by your replies. Thank you.
That being said; I await a reply from InterNACHI

DALE, They can ASSUME if they may, but it will not affect me.
A S S/U/- - - ---------- ME;)

Robert you don’t need to get upset you have many good friends here on InterNachi. The list would be very very very long. I was told something that has stuck in my mind about missionaries to a far off land they do get laughed at when they make mistakes in English but are loved by all for the hard work they do.
There are only a selected few that are absolute A H O L E S here.

Nick has posted his farewell in another thread.


Call me.


Thank you Joe. I am humbled by your reaching out to me.
Please allow me some time. My living parent is recovering from an event last week.
All the best.
Robert Young