A question for all members

Hi everyone,

I’ve had multiple requests to personalize this template and change it into a more affordable layout (one sided or double-sided single pages) : http://www.nachi.org/documents/brochures/inspector-1000-included-booklet1-jl.pdf?PHPSESSID=bf630db7172d760c39fe94001d1ab3a7

It’s an expensive design to print a small run of, making it nearly impossible for single businesses to afford it. But if InterNACHI prints a large run, the cost per booklet will go down DRASTICALLY. I can change the design slightly so that a business card can be stuck into the booklet as a way of personalizing it.

If we were to print out a large order of this, how many of you would be interested in purchasing them?

And if not this booklet, which would you be interested in seeing us offer already printed and ready to ship out to you?

Please let me know what you think!

Heck, make it a PowerPoint presentation for websites and save the printing costs.

JB, I agree.

People can already put it up as a viewable PDF to their website if that’s what they want. But for everyone who is looking for printed materials, this would be a way to bring down the cost.

100% in full agreement.

Print is dead.

I love your work

Agreed, print is so last millennium. :smiley:

There appears to be some missing flashing in one of your brochure photos. Just saying.


I would prefer to have the material available to download, do my own modifications and have it printed locally. Delivery to Canada is too expensive and slow.

To personalize I would change the We to I.

Looks sharp, but I agree on prefering a digital version.

Not to be picky but under Electrical, it says we report on the “presence” of smoke detectors. Should be “absence”.

There’s a Internachi vendor I used from the USA (Perceptive Graphics) that I got 5000 brochures shipped for the price the local company wanted for 1000.


Everything is already available for download. If you go to the marketing library, below each template is a link which says ‘Download file as an Adobe Indesign Package’

Those folders contain the entire editable file. We can also edit files for you for free, and then we send you a printable pdf.

Saw that, thanks!

For everyone who doesn’t believe that having print marketing is necessary, what do you hand out to people?

If you are relying on them to go to your website, what percentage do you think really go through that extra step? I know that if I met two identical inspectors and one handed me a professional looking informative brochure and the other handed me their business card asking me to go to their website, I would choose the one with print. Chances are, I wouldn’t even check out the other inspector.

Print can be costly, but if you acquire even just a few additional inspections from it, that not only covers the cost many times over but it leaves a lasting impression in the minds of everyone who has held your marketing.

I agree that technology is great, but it only goes so far when marketing a business is concerned.

Inspection reports with a business card attached.

You see, the majority of people who I inspect for have never met me until the day of the inspection.

Printed materials, I understand, are of value to inspectors who market to used house salesmen. They take it to the sales offices presumably for used house salesmen to hand out to their clients. Most, however, end up in the trash or collecting dust somewhere in the sales office.

Printed materials are rarely used unless they are being distributed from booths at trade shows.

LMAO…the roof picture has numerous ridge cap missing and the stuff on the far side is about to fall off. Was that on purpose?

And those are some of the inspectors who would benefit from the question in the original post.

If anyone is interested in InterNACHI doing a mass print in order to lower the individual cost of brochures, please speak up or email me at jessicalangerdesign@yahoo.com