A question for the sparkys.

First time questioner. I came across this Main disconnect today. As you can see on the left descriptions it is listed as 200 amperes. While the actual pole lists it as 30. Now I know that a home (with a pool) built in 1980 cannot possibly have just a 30 amp supply. But i could really use some clarity on this for my own education.


No clue, unless someone switched out the handle. Shouldn’t say 30 on it.

I would say something is definitely wrong. Depending on your comfort level I would have stuck an amp meter on it to see what the reading was. I bet it would not be hard to show more than 30 Amos and the breaker not tripped. For sure write it up for an electrician to look at it.

That’s a good one! Post it in the electrical section.

I cant help to think that this may be a sub panel. 30 Amps is way to low to run an entire home on normal consumption.

Needs further evaluation. Weird.

Hmmm… It is a 200A breaker, I don’t doubt that part. Even if it was a 30A protecting the 4/0 it wouldn’t technically be wrong outside of nuisance tripping. That said, my thought is that the handle on the breaker was broken and instead of spending $100 plus on a new one they opened the case and inserted a handle from another breaker laying around. I have a warehouse with hundreds of breakers in it, I will look on Monday to see if I have one of these and if I do I will remove the two case screws and post pictures. There is a good chance I wont have this exact one but hopefully something close enough to see if the theory is plausible.

Never seen that before. Must have been Monday morning at the plant when the build that one.

Or Friday after lunch.