A Rejected Members Forum...

… is what we need to have, and only allow non members to post there. That way, they get to have their way, and the public can see why they post here in the first place. INACRHI , pronounced, “I Knock CRY”

"Hug a white male construction worker today"

Quite a tag, Klott. You wearing your white, pointy hat out in public these days???

What DID happen, Ken…inquiring minds want to know!

I knew you would be to dull to understand it. McNeish BTW…is that an Indian name? When a baby is born, they llok out the door and name the kid for the first thing they see. Did your daddy see a Horse Sneezing?

I had some questions that needed to be answered…they were…so I rejoined.

I for one am glad that you are back!

Congratulations…… now if you had NOT started this thread I and many others would have been happier still!

Now I ask you…Think about it…. Do we really, and I mean Really NEED this type of thread on OUR message board?

Aren’t these types of threads and the responses that they generate contributing to the diminishing reputation of NACHI?

  • I just ask that you PLEASE… “Think about it”…….

Fair enough.

Ya gotta wonder if he closes the door to the bathroom, right?

Sure do… but only when I take a burkeson!:mrgreen:

Somebody whack this jerk with a red for me, I’m currently out of bullets and his sh!tty reputation means so much to him.

Careful, Joseph, he’ll get his friends in white, pointy hats to come after you. It seems in the last couple of hours, he’s changed…maybe his friends have also and now they don’t discriminate…be vigilant!!!

I never understood why any organization won’t let non members view the posts. I would think that it would help home inspectors that want to join an organization to get a better understanding what these organization have to offer.

That goes for you guys. Let people see what you post as you do now but don’t let them look up past posts, create posts or respond to posts. Creating one place for non members to ask question is the most I would do. Then limit what can be posted in that area by informing them that anything that is written that NACHI (who ever is in charge of that Non member section) feels is inappropriate will be deleted. That way you have some control but not as many people needed to monitor.

As a non InterNACHI member, I think things on here get way out of control sometimes and can see how some would not want to join. Besides, if they are limited on what they can do on this message board, it is likely they will want to join so they can participate even more.

Just my thought