A RESPA-compliant way to give a real estate agent a gift certificate.

  1. Register a special domain name for this project. If your company is ABC Inspections, register GiftsFromABCInspections.com If your company is Pumpkin Inspections, register GiftsFromPumpkinInspections.com You get the idea.

  2. Forward your special domain name to www.GiftsFromYourInspector.com

  3. Mask the forwarding (it’s a common option when forwarding a domain name).

  4. Print off Gift Certs with your special domain on them so it looks like it is an awesome gift from you.

  5. Give them out to clients, past clients, and local real estate agents.

This is a RESPA-compliant way to give a gift cert to a real estate agent because the gifts cost you nothing. You are merely alerting your agents as to where they can get them. And the link leads to a zillion deals and discounts that continue to be available whether the agents refers you more inspections or not, so you are not involved in an unethical or illegal pay-to-play scheme.

This is a great idea Nick!

Thank you!

Is there a date set for the Christmas party this year?

December 16th.

Exactly how did you arrive at the notion that this was “complaint” with RESPA?


They looked at it a couple years ago. Anyway, www.GiftsFromYourInspector.com is no different than you alerting an agent as to where they can get a free pizza. You aren’t providing the pizza (which would be a thing of value)…you’re only providing valuable information about a pizza. And valuable information is not considered “a thing of value.”

Another option is http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/agent-marketing-cards.aspx

Another option is to give your agents free access to the approved continuing education they need to keep their licenses: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/agent-marketing-cards.aspx