A Retraction

After talking to Joe Farsetta, that you buy the way Joe, communicating with Nick Gromicko, and the guidance by James B. and other esteemed, dedicated, long outstanding InterNACHI members I say thank you.
This perplexing event is put to rest…

Please do not speculate. There is no need.
The matter is over with prudence gilding footsteps as they should always.

Members that pointed to/at ESOP, they are some of the finest members in InterNACHI.
A wise mentor mentioned this to me once. It only took once to be understood.
We can disagree at times and still remain friends. Roy Cooke.
I added a bit more. You know me, HA HA HA HA;)
We can disagree and even argue at times and still remain friends & InterNACHI colleges.

All the best. Be your best.
Robert Young

PS: Thanks Joe.

You are most welcome, Robert

Sorry for the typo in the title.