If being saved means being in the same boat as you… don’t bother to throw me a line as you will more than likely find yourself treading water and in need of a rescue yourself. :lol:

Just for the record I just saw the comment about not taking Billy’s course and I never inferred that and would have responded to it earlier had I seen it.

I just got a lot out of the book Nick recently published and figure many could do the same.

I believe Billy’s courses and webinars are based on his experience and will likely have different opinions and ideas from Nick’s. He will also likely have some of the same opinions and ideas seeing that he is a member that seems to try to learn all he can from all he can.

I would be more than willing to review anything Billy puts out anytime. I also think you may get a very personal approach with Billy as he is offering one on one stuff.

Nick has also been there EVERY time I have every had a question or needed his advice on anything.

My advice is never quit learning and never close your mind. Once your mind is no longer open to new ideas you are done in my humble opinion.

I love you big guy.
I think you are a great resource.

XOXOX why all the sudden? Where ya been :slight_smile:

Never far away. you been doing fine.

Best to you in 2014 Michel.
Others may agree while some may not but the number 13 is an unlucky for some.

I hope so i really want a HUGE change. I am hoping for a change in job and location.

Hope all is well with you and Happy New Year.

You have your wife, family and loved ones all around you. Your are the king buddy. don’t be so hard on every situation.
Every injury takes time to heal, even emotionally.

May I recommend a thing or two?
1: Don’t look for greener grass on the other block or state. Its all the same grass most of the time.
2: Michel, sometimes its just that little tweak that effects the biggest changes in our lives and business.

Only you know your strengths. a. Don’t be so hard.
b. Be kinder and softer in your approach.

Rome was not built in a day.

Regards friend.

I hate the temp here and have lived here all my life. I am hoping for tallahassee where there are seasons and some good public hunting and fishing. I need a change bad. I have a National VP interested in me and hope he can find a position for me on his team :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.

I have the pdf version, but haven’t had the time to read it yet. Busy making improvements to the new home in Palm City!

Mike, I felt your pain. Being a native of Fort Lauderdale for 53 years, I’ve had enough. Good luck to you this year and the years to follow!

You to. My mom still has some property in Palm City. Mom and Dad had an amazing piece with incredible house giant Mobile Home garage right on the Okeechobee Waterway. I was going to keep that house but saw the writing on the wall and would have hated to lose it. Enjoy it up there it is a nice area. I still have an empty lot in manatee pocket with small boat lift that we were going to build a house on if the airport threw us out of our current home. I doubt that will ever happen as I do not even think i’ll really get to retire before I die anyhow. If I thought I could I doubt I would give up the house I am in now. I guess if I get lucky Maybe we will still have the piece in manatee pocket but I cannot count on anything but myself now.

I wish you and your family the best as well.

I think some time in Tallahassee if lucky and making a good living again and being respected again would do my mind right. I feel like it is killing me doing something I dislike for so little income in an area where I am Hot all the time. It was fine when i had all the money I wanted and could afford to do as I wish and keep my water toys running etc… Without Money South Florida Sucks.

Well enough venting for me for today off to take all that matters to me to Aikido :slight_smile: I do love her Momma as well :slight_smile: