A secret trick to get a hold of me when you really need me fast...

Go to http://www.nachi.org/membership.htm and wait a few seconds. You should see a chat box on your screen. Guess who is on the other side? Since I am essentially bed/chair ridden for a while, we hooked this up to give me something to do.

OH yeah this will keep your busy!

It was either this or solitaire. :wink:

LOLOL well make sure you get rested . We are sitting with the mother- law she had Hip replacement Tuesday . Maybe i get her to ask you questions lol

Maybe they can discuss the proposed national health care legislation.:wink:

LOL Linas i think that one has been beat to death . she probably ask Nick, what sprit creature he would be first Hers is a raven . LOL

Would this provide some stress relief?

:DGet well soon:D

www.chess.com :mrgreen: