A shout out to Bill Janis (vendor).

Norman Smith
11:45 AM (2 hours ago)

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I just sent an application to Empowered and received a call from Bill Janis. He was asking how many charges I make per week. I told him that I recently started my business and have had only one credit card payment. All others have been cash or check. He told me that I would not be a good fit for his company right now due to the minimum charges. That I would need 2 per week to make it work for me. I was very pleased with his honesty and willingness to forgo profit for himself at the expense of excess cost for me. My faith in my fellow humans has been at least a little bit restored. Since I started this business, I have been hammered with people trying to sell me services and not mentioning small details such as extra charges that pop up later. I asked him about Square and he said it would be a better fit for my current situation.

I am very happy with Bill and will make another application as soon as I get my business going well enough to justify using his service.

Best Regards,
Norman Smith

I am very grateful, blessed and honored to be a bankcard consultant for the last 12 1/2 years for the InterNACHI members.

This program is really more designed and structured for the experienced and established InterNACHI home inspectors already active in field. The actual number of inspections to be doing is one a week through your current processing system for this to make smart financial sense to switch. Then this program is very beneficial and cost effective to really start saving money accepting credit/debit cards compared to any other major competitors.


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Bill Janis rocks!