a shout out to Mike Bazzo

Mike did a great job for us yesterday, highly recommend his home inspection service.
Hey Mike, we called the city and also found out the city was out 5 times due to… rats on property lol, apparently neighbor called and complained.

Hey Mark Happy New Year!
How’d you know to pick the right guy! :smiley:

Hi Mark!

Yeah Mike is good people.


Hey Mark,

I appreciate your trust in me. It means a lot. That’s crazy about the rat problem. They must be storing trash in the garage or someplace cozy to bring them in. Did you find a permit for that main service panel?

He heard about me here of course…8)

Thanks Larry. Hope all is well…

sup Mr Goldie and Mr Larry lol hope all is well gentzzz.

Mike, the only permit pulled for electrical was in 1962, house built 1960.
We’ve moved on and are looking at others so will be in touch soon, thanks.

what’s all the shouting about ?

… lol how ya doing Jim?

just living the dream partner…How’s by You ?

‘livin’ duh dream’, loll yeah same here Mister Jim