A smokin' hot home inspector's website!


Nice job Robert!

Thanks Nick. Another tool for the MIC marketing bag. This idea was actually the brain-child of Dennis Kanakis, owner, Olympion Civil Home & Building Inspectors.

Nice work.


I also like the site Robert, very nice site, great work…!!

Very cool. Don’t go bonkers on linking out to other sites from the home page. That dilutes home page ranking (as I was told by a dick in a Google forum) :D. Just a heads up.

good job

Thanks for everything robert. Looks great. And thanks to my peers for all the good energy :slight_smile:

Nice Work!!

Bigs things to come, eh!!


Nice stuff, I wouldn’t expect anything else from Robert!

He can run his jaw like a chainsaw (j/k), but you get down to the meat of it and he develops and puts out a nice product.

Great job Robert

like a chainsaw…that’s funny…he does do nice work though