A special message from the Chesapeake Chapter President.

What an exciting year 2007 was for the Chesapeake Chapter: Maryland Licensing of Home Inspectors, Educational Programs, Speakers, an increase in membership and attendance, and more news closes the year. But, first; my apology for this late release…due to an inconvenient surgery. I am fine, thanks. For all those involved with the Chesapeake Chapter, I want to take this opportunity to give great applause and thanks to our Secretary/Treasurer, Jim Minichiello, who keeps the backroom wheels turning to everyone’s benefit. We had sell-out crowds for two events during 2007. Fortunately, our events are free. Our first sell-out was when Ellwood Mosley, Executive Director for DLLR Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing addressed our anxious questions regarding how, what, and when to expect to get hammered with the “new” six-year old licensing law which went into effect on January 1, 2008. Mr. Mosley was very informative and was very effective at followup to everyone who had any questions throughout the process. He did an outstanding job. Our second sell-out for the year came from a non-member, Hollis Brown, who owns and operates the Home Inspector Training Academy in Arlington, Virginia. It was unanimous by a landslide that the presentation Hollis gave on WEB Marketing couldn’t be beat. For those who have taken his training courses for Home inspection, it is easily recognized that Hollis has more value-added in his programs than one could find almost anywhere East of the Mississippi; and typically beats the competition when making a fair comparison. Thank you Hollis. While each of these “sell-outs” could be considered in the educational venue, we do have something different every month to challenge our thinking. We have had two different types of presentations on Thermal Imaging. One was a slide presentation with a questions period to get acquainted with the pros and cons. The second was a hands-on presentation by NACHI member, Kevin Richardson; where we could see a demonstration and check out the features of a real Thermal Imaging system. That was a much appreciated demo. Another highlight occasion was some insight into the aftermath of a property which caught fire from member, Philip Graham. These are just some examples of what many are missing to sharpen their methods of looking at their business and their clients’ needs. After all that has gone on through the past year, we are pleased to say that our membership has increased by over 100%. While it is understandable that not everyone can make every meeting, we still showed an increase in attendance of over 30%. Some discussion has been given to moving the meeting place a couple of times through the year, but; we need to hear from members in those areas that can give an estimate of attendance from their area before a final decision can be made. As we move forward in 2008, we have introduced an ongoing “deficit recognition” element to our educational program. This includes a scoring system and a prize at each event for the winner of the most points. We have already had our first winner when the program began in December 2007. At the end of 2008 (December), we will have a cumulative point winner and a grand prize. As always, our meetings are laid back, friendly, and open; especially to Maryland Licensed Home Inspectors.

See you at our next meeting!
Eugene “Gene” Swier, President