A tablet which runs Apple Software called ModBook

Ok, Ok, it is here!! A tablet machine that is made from an Apple MacBook but is a tablet that runs Apple OS. It isn’t made by Apple, but it is licensed thru Apple and has 99% Apple hardware. What is it? It is called the MODBOOK. I am finally finishing my quest from January 1, 2008 in dumping and stop using any Microsoft Windows based machines. The last thing to go is my Dell Latitude D820 Laptop in mint condition (does any one want it?? Private email me if you are interested. I have many accessories and it is loaded including a docking station and wireless mouse and keyboard…running XP Pro). Anyhow, I am hoping that Nick can get us a discount on these ModBook babies. Best of both worlds, HIP software runs on a MAC as well and very WELL indeed. Thanks Dominic.:smiley:

Just let us know when you get it so we can see pics :slight_smile: