A Tairy Fale

Once upon a time there was a little girl name “Little Hed Riding Rood…er, I mean, “Little Red Riding Hood”.

One day mer hother…ack! her mother…asked her to take a gasket of boodies to Mandgrother’s house.

On the way Riddle Ded Hiding Snood met a big, bad wolf.

“Where are goo yoing,” asked the woof.

**“To my Hammother’s Grouse with these goodies,” an sheestered. — **she answered!! (The basket was filled with tea, scones, a couple of “Big Macs”, and some BK coupons.)

So wuh tholf ran ahead to the bold hod’s rouse, went in through an open dinwo and hid the lade oldie in the closet.

Soon, Ride Hard and Good came to her Meatgrinder’s house and doored on the knock.

“Who is it?” asked the Fowl.

“It’s me,” said Little Hot Welding Rod.

And the wolf ate her basket of goodies all up and went in search of the Pee Little Thrigs……………(with lipstick).

a little early there Jae…I usually don’t talk like that till much later in the day…:roll:

And tomorrow night:
Loldie glocks and the bree thares for your nood gight story.

very nice