A Tale from the Trenches by Dr. Keith Swift.


rats, I thought that was going to be good.

Just kidding, very well written!

I liked it, probably could do without the profanity, but I liked it. :slight_smile:

My apologies, Wendy. I will try to be more considerate of my audience in future articles.

Nice article Keith. Sometimes swear words add a little more punch. I always like your articles. Keep em coming!

I really did like it, and yes they can add punch, but I just thought perhaps on a professional forum it was less than the appropriate choice for when clients may be reading through.

It’s not like I’m perfect or anything…(waiting for tomaaaaaahtoes…) :wink:

My apologies, Wendy. I will try to be more considerate of my audience in future articles.

Wrong Apologies not needed We are home inspectors and times it requires a person to be just a ittle more expressive.
Thanks Cheryl .I agree completely with you if one is offended with this expresion they should just plug their ears , or not come back.
I too very seldom swear but when I hit my finger or its needed to get a point across let it go .
There are many more important things we should be concerned about then this .
My openion if others do not agree TOO BAD!!!
Roy Sr.

So you don’t think that a professionally written article, for publication, from a trade organization, lowers itself by using profanity?

(nothing personal Keith)

But being very much involved in writing and having received awards etc, we were always taught that if someone had to resort to a swear word then they were lacking in skills.

And really, saying that a client just shouldn’t come back is kinda absurd since we’d like a safe place to refer clients for information on our org.

Thanks Cheryl, thanks Roy, thanks Wendy (with apologies). Let’s continue to help each other to avoid litigation and serve justice.

Fark you !!! LOL

Nice artical keith!

I actually had to re-read it to find the profanity. Either it was way below my normal threshold or my reading comprehension sucks!

Keith - I thought it was a great article. I was in a similar situation (4 lawyers, 1 co-defendant and 1 plaintiff) that took all day…it was one of the most mentally and physically exhausting days…

PS I referenced to wrong legal decision; it should be the “Moreno” decision.

You’re right Curtis, it was exhausting, but I wanted to keep the article light and entertaining while warning inspectors about the threat that they face with litigation. We’re not competing on a level playing field; all an attorney has to do is name us and we’re toast. We’re going to lose our deductibles, loose precious time in which we could be earning money for our families, and our livlihoods will remain jeopardized. And, ninety-five percent of the time, our insurance companies will roll over and pay. The average inspector never thinks about being sued, God knows I never did, and I never really gave a hoot about any other inspector than myself (a sad truth), but litigation is the greatest threat that inspectors face, and it is a national disgrace. Justice deferred is justice denied. Stay tuned.


I’m with you, I re-read it and still couldn’t find it. I must not have been a very aggressive profane as far as I am concerned. Profanity in my book would be words like Tabernacle, Host, Christ, Virgin all translated in French.

Now those are heavy words,

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Great article Keith

Keith edited it out a couple days ago. So it hasn’t been there for awhile. It’s where the asterisks are. And it is a really great article.

No “Sh*t” is still there, but was edited with **** in the “General Discussion” version. Of course, what I find really offensive is that innocent inspector can be victimized by corrupty legal practices. And they are, every day.

So very true!!!