A very big thanks to outgoing NJ NACHI President Phil Hinman.

A message from the President of NJ NACHI.

*Those of you at our June meeting know that after two and a half years of tireless work and ceaseless efforts on our behalf, and on behalf of all aspiring home inspectors in New Jersey, Phil Hinman has resigned his position as president of NJ NACHI. Phil is taking a much needed break from this position to concentrate on growing his business, improving his golf and racquetball games, and to pursue other interests. While no one can fill the shoes he leaves open, as NJ NACHI Vice President I will be filling the role of President as we move forward.

NJ NACHI remains committed to helping all of you grow your business and to helping you grow as inspectors. We remain committed to striving toward the highest standards of the industry. We wish to lead the way to building the standards of the profession of a whole in whatever we do or say, and view the bashing of business competitors or other professional organizations as lowering the perception of the industry as a whole. Let’s lead the way forward as examples of the highest levels of professionalism.

Phil will remain active in NJ NACHI taking over my role in organizing continuing professional education and, as always, helping with legislative affairs.
So while we wish he could remain President, we won’t miss him as he will continue to be active in the organization.

For this upcoming fall we have some exciting developments. NJ NACHI will be sponsoring both Northern and Southern New Jersey meetings with CEU’s to better serve the needs of New Jersey Home Inspectors. Under current consideration are locations in Medford and Bloomfield. The Southern division will meet on September 12, 2006 (the 2nd Tuesday of the month thereafter) and the Northern Division on September 28 (the last Thursday of the month thereafter). *

*On October 21 (Saturday) NJ NACHI will be sponsoring a full day seminar on inspecting new construction - a hot topic in New Jersey, and getting hotter! The format envisioned is a classroom session and staged inspection sessions at new homes at stage of construction to demonstrate the various phased construction inspections. This will be a unique and valuable opportunity that no inspector or prospective inspector will want to miss! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for further updates.

August 11 and 12 ESA is offering an in depth mold inspection seminar in Cherry Hill at a very attractive price, but through NJ NACHI you can attend at an even lower price. The details for enrollment will follow in a separate email.*

*Look for announcements regarding further CEU opportunities to come in the fall, and information on ways to grow our businesses.

NJ NACHI remains unique in helping grow your business, aid in marketing, and helping improve your professional skills and the standards of the industry as a whole!*

*See you all in the fall!

Edgar Woodson

Phil Hinman is one of the greatest men I know. He was able to wipe out corrupt home inspection legislation in New Jersey and set the state on the right path again.

Phil’s 2 1/2 year battle in New Jersey allowed NACHI to point to New Jersey when arguing in favor of subsequent legislation in other states that eliminated association membership requirements.

Thanks to Phil’s efforts, today, there are only 2 states left that require membership in any association (PA and AL). This created a level playing field for NACHI across the U.S., and of course on a level playing field… you all know who won.

Thank you so much Phil and get real good at your raquetball game.

One needs only to read through a few of the archived threads pertaining to legislative issues to see the positive and lasting contributions that Phil made in turning a very poor licensing law into a very meaningful one.

New Jersey home inspectors in every association owe a lot to Phil.

Great work, Phil!
Glad I’m not in NJ anymore - seems like HI there, as with taxes, prices, and everything else, has been a struggle.
The road in '89 led to TN, NC, GA, CO & now Idaho. Think I’ll be here a while

  • but, I’m glad guys like you are willing & able to slug it out back there!

Maybe I’ll get invited back to speak at one of your meetings - enjoy your new path!

:shock: You sure do get around don’t ya Russ?:shock:

Bills, Wendy, bills.

Actually, a long journey from the wounded physical through the healing metaphysical to a synergistic blending of both.

I totally know what you mean. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

The job is not complete until the HIAC or a new HIAC has a broad based representation. S2100 in NJ is attempting to accomplish the goal. Engineers, HI’s and the public will be part of the Board if changed.

At every HIAC meeting the Board members attack the new law and go on public record how it will ruin home inspection in NJ. Until they are replaced no meaningful rulings will come from that Board.

Thanks to the legislators who recognize the issue and have taken the initiative to do something about it.

Phillip R. Hinman
Resigned but ever present!