A very good question

See attached picture…

oh-oh - Now you have done it… Having a white racist Van asking Obama a hard question…:shock:

Careful John, with posts like that, you may find yourself on BK’s ignore list. ;):smiley:

Because some pigs are more equal than others.

What do I win?

Congressman Bachus just came out with his plan, 13 percent right off the top to the Insurance companies.

Insurance stocks went up today.

And Bachus did not sign up for his plan either. John-O besides the POINT on your head, do you have a point??? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is this strong support of Insurance Company profits??? Insurance Companies bring NOTHING of Value to the Health Insurance debate, NADA. The do not make medicine, they do not treat patients, ah but they do RATION Health Care. Odd. :wink:

The Origianal Liberal Socialist( Jesus) once chased away the Money Changers from the Temple. He would be chasing the Insurance Companies today. :p:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Look it up>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

By fiat? Is that all it takes? Well, here’s my plan 30% off my mortgage payment.

Well, he’d have to be insane to abandon the stick-it-to-the-taxpayer Congressional plan, now, wouldn’t he?

Well, his wife spent a night in a hotel with me and I doubt seriously that she’d be with a guy with a point on his head.

Besides coverage, you mean?

Neither do Obama, Pelosi, or Reid.

Eh, I don’t think so. Without the insurance companies, you’d be on your own.

Someones wife must have been desperate i would guess

*Che stronzo!

Sie liegen !

Okay it was a half a night but it was pretty good, at least the parts she can remember. :smiley: