A voice for radio...

Great voice.

I’d hire him.


Now he has a job and a new home. Only in America.


This must be the hottest video on You Tube right now.
Comments are flying in within seconds as you watch and over 6,000,000 views in 2 days.

If all he had going for him was his voice, I don’t think anyone would be hiring him. His unbelievably upbeat attitude - in the absolute, never mind his circumstances - actually eclipses his considerable vocal skills.

Hopefully this event will be life changing for him… I agree, his attitude is outstanding.

In 20 minutes the views just shot up 1.5 million.
How is that for SEO ?
I think it must be all over TV or something to spread this fast.
Maybe Radio (ha ha)

Nice voice.

A lot can happen in 24.

Cavs to give Internet-famous ‘Golden Voice’ a job, house


Nick, just shows you the power of you-tube. Zero to everything in seconds.

He was on Today, today, and looked considerably bewildered by it all.

The ever-clueless Matt Lauer cautioned him that all “this attention” could have some downside for him. Earth to Matt: If you’re that concerned about that issue, here’s an idea: “Don’t invite him onto Today.”

If anyone knows the downside it would be Ted. He could teach Matt a thing or two

Marketing at it’s best. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow 606 views