A way members are making additional income at home shows.

They sell this product manufactured by REX-BAC-T Technologies right at their table. It brings homeowners to the table and the sales end up paying for more than the cost of booth.

Give them a try.

You can private label them with your home inspection business logo and contact information so that repeat business comes directly to you. If you do home inspections on homes that have septic systems they provide and opportunity to educate your clients about their septic systems and make additional income.


I feel humbled to be the first to congratulate Nick Gromicko on his 20,000th post.

Some counties in Kansas have their own septic inspector, and the county has to inspect them. However, many do not. Septics are underground, and are difficult to properly inspect. Some counties have different ways to maintain septics. Check with your local city/county.

I have also noticed nothing on the new Kansas SOP’s about garages, garage doors, or garage door openers. I thought that was strange, until I noticed the same thing on the NACHI SOP’s. FYI.

Good catch Gary

Congratulations Nick.

Yep, that’s Nick’s 20,000th on THIS go-round!
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