A Way to Increase number of Inspections

Got this crazy email yesterday. I just had to share. Maybe we should perform an inspection for every price shopper…

*Hello sir,

I have a bit of a situation with another inspector, just wanted your advice. I contacted several inspectors, you being one. I talked to one over the phone, gave him all the information and a probable date just as I did with you but I never confirmed anything and signed no contract. This inspector went without contacting me and inspected the house and demands payment. I was just wanting some advice on whether you think I am held liable for anything here. There was no agreement. Nothing in writing. Just a conversation on the phone. Just looking for your advice.
Thanks again for your stand up work. Any advice would be helpful.*

I think that the guy got what he wanted. He was fishing for the lowest price and made someone believe that they were to perform the inspection. Not only does he not want to pay for the inspection, he now wants free advice from you on how to do so. His story would make more sense if he hired you and the other guy showed up and inspected the home as well. Did he reject the inspection report or did he wait until he had the report in hand before he claimed that he never wanted the inspection in the first place.

Give him advice and be sure to attach an invoice along with it. Done and done.

He actually did hire me to do the inspection. I’m not sure if the other guy inspected it before or after me. He wasn’t really the “low ball price shopper” type. He filled out Request for Quote on my website. He then called and talked with me, and scheduled the inspection the following day.

Tim, I would send him an invoice or probably not offer any advice at all if he were not my client. I did that inspection last week.

I always tell my clients they can call me any time about any issue after their inspection. It’s great for referral business! :wink:

My appologies, from your first post I did not realized you were in fact hired by that individual. My input was based on him asking for adivce after asking for a quote and not hiring you.

All inspectors are different, I for one would never go to a home and not have it pre-arranged with my client. How else would you get the agreement contract signed?

Sorry, I forgot to say in my OP that I was hired. And you are correct. I wouldn’t give him any advice unless he was my client. I get asked questions all the time, and I just dance around them unless they are from a paid client.

yeah, that was my point. I couldn’t imagine showing up without my client present or at least his consent and knowledge. That other inspector put himself at liability risk by even being there with no contract. I never, ever start the inspection without a signed contract. Once, I didn’t have the written copy with me, and the client forgot to go to my website for the online agreement. I wrote one out in long hand. Didn’t look great, but it was legal!

I would tell him: I am sorry you inspected the property, you were not hired and did not have permission to be there.

How did the other inspector gain access to the home? Supra key? Seems he should lose his if he did. This can’t be the only time he pulled this “scam”! Report him!

I wondered the same thing, Jeffrey. It’s a vacant foreclosure. I don’t have the lock box key, so I always have to get an agent to let me in, or the homeowner if it’s an occupied home.

I didn’t go so far as to ask my client who the other guy was. I do always ask my client’s “where” I am in the pricing. I’m hardly ever the cheapest, and the clients can’t see my impressive good looks, so it must be my charm that lands me the job. :|.).

The client doesn’t want to report him, he just says he ain’t paying him. It’s one tactic I haven’t tried yet to get more business!!