A web site making a discount offer on Fluke TiR's

FYI. Infrared Camera Prices. Recently I have been window-shopping the web for Fluke TiR-27s, 29s, and 32s. Prior to registering for John McKenna’s InterNACHI infrared course, I visited instrumart.com (<sales@instrumart.com>) and unexpectedly received an email discount offer of $715 off retail price for a Fluke TiR-27. That offer was separate from the additional Fluke Discount set to expire on Feb. 22, 2012. No other company offered me that courtesy information just by visiting their web site. I was impressed.
For those who have already taken John McKenna’s course and who may want to get a new infrared camera, or for those who may want a new camera while considering a different training program, you may went to consider what kind of offer Shawn Dooley sdooley@instrumart.com has available.

Mark Yates
Nachi 10032597

They all offer free quotes. Shop around.

Our dealer gives us a discount of way more than that (not including the rebates).