A weekend treat!

This is an example of the quality of workers we have here in South Florida!

What, the foam for the closing of the cracked tiles isn’t expansion foam?

They left the can and cap under the ridge cap.

It’s amazing what you can get for $40 bucks anymore:D:D

The foam backs no purpose on the roof, What they use it for?

In all fairness, it was a “foam-down” roof. Guess they figured foam is foam…parts is parts…

Welcome back!

At least it wasn’t duct tape or caulk.

I second the welcome back even if you are still not talking to me :slight_smile:

I hope you are doing well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Why not?:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
And of course, Welcome Back! I hope you continue to improve.:wink:

South Florida style! Welcome back Brian

With all of the sandy beaches in Florida that’s all you got for a weekend treat?

Hey, great to hear from you! Welcome back. :smiley:

Welcome back Brian!

For now…Next Year, this will be a monthly treat!

Welcome back Brian, wishing you a speedy recovery!

My computer skills are still a little soft (completely gone) so my wife is helping me with this post. We both cannot thank you all enough for your generosity in this difficult time.

I continue to improve. After next week speech therapy will be decreased from once a week to twice a month. Although I do not have any paralysis I do have some loss of sensation on my right side. That could be permanent or may go away. We won’t know until the 6 month mark and it has only been 10 weeks. According to the doctors and speech therapist I am doing amazingly well as most stroke patients do not even start therapy until 12 weeks after a stroke.

Again, thank you for all of your prayers, well wishes and support.

Welcome back Brian.

There were adding some foam insulation. Move along, nothing to see here :slight_smile:

Welcome back Brian…