A Win(e) Win(e) Situation

Today was my annual drive around distributing wine day, to select brokers and agents. I always look forward to bringing a little cheer into the office ahead of Christmas/New Years.

I always choose wine that I enjoy ( no cheap stuff ) and attach a custom greeting card with a handwritten note. It’s just a nice gesture to honor a business relationship.

I know some here have issues about dealing with agents but I don’t.
I’ve never had one pressure me to put out a soft report or gloss over any defects. All the realtors I know are decent hard working people.
Now off to a late inspection to round out the day.

My 2 cents!
Happy Holidays!


Apothic Red today? Bogle Merlot? Both under $10…both amazing! I do the same thing. There is a lot of great wine out there for under $10.

I used to spend hundreds on booze for Supers and such.

Wanna know what it got me.


No Loyalty from No Major Builders. I have found that contrary to popular belief people do not remember s h i t and they only lookout for their own a s s e s.

This has been determined by a lifetime of giving 100% only to be s h i t upon when times got tough.

Save your money for those times.

Hey Jeff, I actually went to a 13 buck bottle this year, particularly for one brokerage I’m trying to corner the market on!
Chateau Ste. Michelle- Indian Wells from Washington State.

Have always liked it!


Mike, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences with giving.
I always enjoy it and dont’ worry about getting back though it’s nice if it happens!

Have a good one.