AAA wants to know if we will offer a $10 discount to their members. Should we?

We’ve never done an imposed discount on our members and so we’d probably do something like an “ask participating InterNACHI inspector” kind of thing.

What say you all?

What will they do in return for the $10?

Yes, absolutely. I like the ‘participating member’ idea.

Only $10.00? Sure, just another “tool” in my arsenal. With conditions, of course. (Permission to use AAA logo on website and marketing materials, cannot be combined with other price reductions, etc…)


It would give us millions of dollars worth of free advertising each year.

I am ok with this provided that it is a win win situation on both sides.

Sounds great.


sounds good. I like Jeff’s idea for marketing

AAA saved me at a inspection one day of course I would.

I’m for it. It would be nice if they had an inspectors page.

Count me in

If that could roll over to the CAA that would be great.

Sounds ok except this type of thing usually is reserved for vendors that have published prices.

Go for it.

I say yes.

I say yes too.

Sure, why not.

AAAdvertising and MAAArketing at its best.


Yep…Let it roll with the discount…should also do it with Veterans…Teachers…Police Officers…Fire Fighters…and anyone else we can get the name out too.