Aaron Wise at Environmental Solutions is a Spammer

Please report Aaron Wise to the Federal Trade Commission.

Aaron Wise, Customer Service Manager
Environmental Solutions Association
422 Pine Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
Ph: 570-326-7360
Cell: 570-360-7942
Email: aaron@esaassociation.com
Web: www.ESAassociation.com*

Report Spam from Aaron Wise

Forward unwanted or deceptive messages to the following:

*The Federal Trade Commission at spam@uce.gov. Be sure to include the complete spam email.

*Your email provider. At the top of the message, state that you’re complaining about being spammed. Some email services have buttons that allow you to mark messages as junk mail or report them spam.

*The sender’s email provider, if you can tell who it is. Most web mail providers and ISPs want to cut off spammers who abuse their system. Again, make sure to include the entire spam email and say that you’re complaining about spam.

Done, thanks Dale

Yup I didn’t ask for any of his stuff…

He has been keeping tabs on these threads about him…

As others, I’ve previously asked to be removed from the spam list. Still getting their e-mails.


Step up the complaints to these guys…

**Calvin Zehring, President/Founder **
Contact info – Ph: 570-326-6157, Email: cal.zehring@esaassociation.com

**Joseph M Lyons, Vice President/Founder **
Contact info – Ph: 570-326-6117, Email: joe.lyons@esaassociation.com


I forward all my emails from the piece of s h i t to his pres., VP and to spam@uce.gov


Just got a text for GPNA HUD Inspection Certification online for $570. Forwarded the message to the link above. Thanks for saving me $$$$$$


It appears that you guys are just not appreciating your benefit from another approved vendor.

Bypassing no-call lists in order to provide a valuable service is a unique and new benefit that NACHI provides the public.

Where is your gratitude?

Got a text today as well. Useless. When does this crap end?

Actually I just sat in a 3 day seminar and text marketing is one of the top forms of marketing you can do… With this website you can send up to 50 messages a month for free to unlimited phone numbers. You guys already do the same with home hints. Think about it. Not everyone reads their email. Everyone always reads their text messages and lives on their phone. Look at everyone complaining about the environmental company. Their message is effective because you all had to read your phone. :wink:


Just wondering where did those spammers got our email in the first place…

Why do you think Vendors come to Nachi? Membership lists! Period!

I have fake email addresses in each public inspector search engine so that I can monitor where vendors mine our members’ contact information from. He’s mining your information from www.nachi.org/directories.htm

Gee, go figure people who market to Home Inspectors look at the world largest Home Inspection organization for information. LMAO No…really?

Its the internet, not a single person put your information out there. YOU DID. I would not know a single one of your names, numbers or anything unless YOU put it on the internet.

Its just business. If you don’t want anyone to contact you then never leave your name, address, email or phone number ANYWHERE on the internet.

You want the juice from the exposure, but don’t want anyone to find your information. Can’t have it both ways. Welcome to modern times.

I have no idea why people get bent our of shape from an email. I get about 50 a day. When I see who its from, I just delete it if not wanted. Its not like I read a 30 page email then decide its BAD…

To each his own, I just wish I had the life where a spam email ruined my whole day…I guess we all stress over different things.

I somewhat agree. But in this case Environmental Solutions Associates has a Very bad record of scamming and worse offering a very poor product/service. If I remember correctly Nick recently revoked Aaron Wise’s membership privileges.

Here’s a quote from a fellow Floridian.

Chris I agree with what you’re saying but any information that he needs can be accessed by anyone in the general public.

A membership is not needed to obtain this information. And I think Nick asked when you sign up if you want to be put in the search engines, and I think most people agreed to for the exposure

It sucks and I have a plan to hopefully get their attention but have to wait until I home and I will let everybody know how maybe we can get even

For me, this isn’t an issue of the occasional random spam email in my inbox… it is the fact that when I first requested he remove me from his mailing list, he responded with spamming me using other names, ie. Frank, and others… not only to my business emails, but also to my personal which have never been associated with my businesses… how and WHY did he get that (those)??? When I subsequently complained to him about that, he followed up with sending over 40 text messages to my phone, repeatedly, for a few weeks! The only thing that has even slowed him down, has been to forward his emails to his bosses (LinkedIn is great for contact info, and other ESA associates names) and fellow employees alike. That works for about a month. He is back at it again with new tricks.

So, Russell, what would you have us do, when he interrupts our business day with multiple texts… on the job… in front of our clients?

F–K him, and the donkey he rode in on!

“May he reap what he sow’s”!

EXACTLY what I was thinking…why not get the CEO’s phone number and all of us text him over and over and over…make up BS email address’s and then forward all the BS to the CEO email address…Instead of dealing with him. letsw go after his boss…

What do ya think?

I am all in for this.:wink:


From another post:

Anyone ever think of fighting fire w/fire
here are his cell #s if every member would call the lowlife, maybe he would get the message.

there are more but cant locate them

call around 6pm to 9pm eastern time.
thanks for your support.

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