AARST (New Jersey specific) RADON Exam

Hi All,

Anyone taken this (State) exam that can give insight or any useful constructive advice on study materials? The material provided by the State & AARST is in a poor format to say the least, and there is very little information on the actual format for the exam.

This is a request for information on the exam, not on getting RADON inspections carried out in NJ (Already doing that…)

Many thanks in advance…

Fellow NJ Home inspector here. I took the Rutgers course…it sucked and cost $500.
I failed the state test.
I took the free InterNACHI course…I failed test again, failed, but test closer to this course.
I use a Radon service right now until I get certified.
How are you doing radon now?
Thank you


I took the Rutgers course as well but didn’t think it sucked and the food was great. The NJ radon exam was stupid hard. There were guys there who were on their 2nd & 3rd attempt. I got lucky and passed it on the first try but only by 1 point.

This is a live proctored exam so memorize the Equilibrium Ratio formulas and know them in your sleep. There’s a lot of that on the exam.

Also Know how to calculate Relative Percent Difference (RDP).

Here’s a couple of good PDF’s

Online_Supplemental.pdf (1.0 MB)
Audio_Tracks_Manual.pdf (4.5 MB)


Hi Peter,

Nice to meet you, thanks for your response. I use a Radon service same as you, until I get myself certified.

Having taken the exam twice, do you have any insight you could share? things like:

How long is the exam?

How many questions?

Whats the format? is it multiple choice, if so how many answers per question? is there a clear answer or multiple highly probable answers?

What makes it so difficult?

Is there specific subject matter that is troublesome?

Did you use Examity to proctor the test?

and Anything else you think may be of help…

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Thank you so much for your response, That is very helpful!

Many thanks