AARST-NRPP Recertification

Anybody else think the requirements for AARST-NRPP recertification are excessive for a measurement provider. Both time and costs seem high.

Has Nachi been looking into getting their radon education approved by AARST or NRSB? That would save some $$$$.

InterNACHI’s free, online radon course has been approved by them for years: Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course - InterNACHI

I recently took the course offered at our local community college for Radon measurement to be under the C-NRPP certification. The cost of the course and the membership was a bit more than I expected at just under $2100.00 cdn but actually it was getting the equipment just to do electret measurements that really set me back. Was the time and costs worth it. I think it will be if I can recoup most or all in the first year. Total costs for me when everything settled out and I was ready for my first client was $5600 cdn. It was to say the least a leap of faith.

Humility prevents me from telling you who invented the only electret recharger in the world. I have it at HOH1 in Boulder. :wink:

Thanks Nick, this is awesome! Huge cost savings. AARST-NRPP don’t list this course on their website as one of the “qualified” continuing education courses so I really appreciate you following up to let me know.

It is expensive, and then you have to put on a ton of extra miles to setup or pickup the test. Always try to either setup or pickup at time of inspection to save a trip.
I used to think of radon testing as a non-profit portion of my business, offered only because I had to because competitors offer it. This year I am making a real push to change this attitude and make some real $$$$ on radon testing.

Doesn’t hurt my business that we have some of the highest radon levels in the country and it’s not uncommon to see levels in the 20’s - 40’s.

Unfortunately the electrets can not at this time be recharged in Canada if i want to maintain my certification.