AB-1357 Home inspectors: roofing contractors: roof inspections.

Signed. Not a big deal? Helps out the one that sponsored it as it gives them a more complete (now legal, was offered before anyway) bundle to offer. Impacts other roofing companies who offer certs.

I have NO FEAR of that company.

Thanks Scot! Agreed, probably has potential to hurt consumers and other roof contractors more than us, at least immediately, but I don’t think it was a good move for the industry, and besides a few posts here and there, zip/nada from Associations except one, but didn’t hear a follow up. Whole thing was kind of strange.

edit - I had kind of wondered if the roofers were going to object to this bill, but maybe the roofers had no idea what was happening.

Sorry guys I’m a little thick between the ears today. I’ve read the 4 times today and still don’t understand it. Is it ok for us to do a roof inspection with our home inspection report according to our associations standards of pratice as long as we do not do repairs or charge a extra fee. Or do we just not do any roof inspection at all?

I am right there with you. The bill is very ambiguous.

From what I am told, Homeguard sponsored this bill. It now legally allows them to perform a roof inspection, repairs and a roof cert. along with a home inspection all under one roof. As long as different people from their company perform the roof and home inspections. Do not see who else it benefits.
Now a client can get a bundle of crap inspections with only one phone call. :mrgreen:

Those guys are really cheap!