Able to see flames in gas fireplace in access panel

Please see the attached video and give me your opinion.

The unit is not venting right out of the top at all and I believe it is fully disconnected inside the chimney. But I also noticed I can see the glow of the orange flame that i believe should be contained in the firevox, below the unit I’ve never seen anything like that. Is this thing even safe???

Is that a wood burner converted to a gas fireplace? It looks like a gas starter.

Regardless, I would write hard on that one.


I believe it is fully gas there was an old wood fireplace behind it but I noticed as I was documenting all the major things wrong with it I started to get in the headache and I don’t know if that’s related or not!! Unfortunately I get headaches at the drop of a hat

Be a good time to have a CO sniffer.


whatever it is , there is not enough information in that video…do You have a picture of the damper?, was it open? do You have a picture from farther away?, that looks like a handyman special from here…I would defer to a qualified chimney sweep for a cleaning and evaluation…